Help is my sperm coming out! is my baby going down the loo?


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Jul 24, 2005
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does anyone no if sperm is lost when you go and pee afta sex? i hope im pregnant wish me luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

:cry: :cry: :oops: :? :? :( :(
Don't worry - most of it comes out and only a tiny bit is needed to get pregnant. Try lying still for 15 mins after and that should ebnsure enough goes where it's needed.
shit i kinda thought i was letting it all run out lol, i always need to go tho, i always try and put a pillow under ma bum afta sex so that my body is tilted and the sperm can float up to ma eggs xx
Hi Chuck

That does help apparently but not all the sperm is going to go through the cervix. Some of what goes up must come down :lol:
You no implantation bleeding, when during your cycle could it come or should it come?

i was on this website and it said,:
"the implantation will ocur on wed03/aug/05"
does that mean if i am pregnant i should bleed from that date forward or should the implantation bleeding come before or after the implantation of the egg to the side of my uterus?

I pray to everyone of use who have been unlucky or are trying for a child just now or in the past, i also blow a prayer to all the familys and new born baby;s that have entered the world! Congrats to all!!

Ps: I pray, that this month i conceive
I pray that i read a positive test on wed the 10th of august 2005!
wish me luck.....
hey chuck, just think it only takes one sperm to create a baby, but some sperm are slowr than others, some cant swim at all, some have no tail etc, so like it was said, try and keep it in for about 15 mins to maximise chances. If you dont mind me asking, how old are you?:)
baby dust showers to all.
nah just curious. Im 19 :) so im a simelar age and am TTC aswell... so were in the same boat :)

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