Help im REALLY scared


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Mar 10, 2005
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hi, im really scared that i might be pregnant, my period is nearly 3 weeks late and i get light cramps all the time and im always starving. im not sure if its because im pregnant or for some other reason.
Hi, Iv already replied on another thread, but thought id reply here aswell. Have you tested yet? Coz i suggest you do to clear up weather your pregnant or not, because if you are you need 2 start taking pre-natals. Your period could be delayed becuase of stress, r sometiems our bodies just do strange things, but theres only one way to find out, If you take a test it will be accutare by now. Take a test and let us know how you get on, take care
I agree, the best thing to do is to take a test. They are so reliable these days that the doctors will take a positive result as confirmation.

There is no point in worrying about it until you know either way.

Don't worry about which test to buy as they all test in the same way.
its normal to be scared...i just found out that i was pregnant almost two months ago now and i was feeling the same way you i made an apointment with the school sexual health nurse..and when she told me i was pregnant i flipped. i thought everything that was so fun in my life would end..i mean im in highschool for godsake! but i have good support from my family and friends and things havent been going too bad...anyways id really like to talk to you cause i guess we have something in to hear from you,

tracy, up north in the bush, ontario

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