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Jun 15, 2005
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I went for my 20 week scan yesterday and was told that everything was perfect but they had found what they call a choroid plexus cyst (cp cyst) on the right side of the baby's brain. The midwife said it isn't a cyst as such but a small fluid blockage (it measures about 6mm) that should clear itself. She said it was nothing to worry about - but of course I am now really worried - and said that they can act as a marker for Edwards Syndrome if they are in conjuction with other things such as shortened limbs, heart problems ect. however she said there were no other signs and they are quite common on their own and should disappear between 24 and 28 weeks. She didn't want to give me another scan but i have insisted and booked one for 28 weeks to put my mind at rest. Has anyone else had this and can put my mind at rest that everything is going to be alright cos right now I am really worried? thanks Fiona

Try not to worry too much. Our second son Callum had ventriculomegaly (caused cp cysts on both sides) right the way through pregnancy and has turned out absolutely fine. We went through all sorts of tests to try to find out what was causing it - amnio to rule out any genetic disorders (Turners, Edwards etc) and we had weekly scans at a neurology centre 40 miles away but all they could tell us was how big his ventricles were growing which made us worry even more.

Callums ventricles grew to 17mm (10mm is classed as ventriculomegaly) and we expected the worst - our own consultant kept trying to persuade us to terminate as the prognosis was that callum would be a total vegetable or still born but we persevered. They can operate pre-natally and put a small tube (stent) in the brain to drain the fluid but we declined.

He was born at 36 weeks and went straight into special care and had brain scans - after two days, his ventricles were back down to near normal size. He's almost 8 now and is blossoming at school (his SATS results were best in school) - he has autistic spectrum disorders and dyspraxia but nothing we can't handle.

There were a few others in my area who had the same thing and all the children are now in normal schools doing really well.

We had our 20wk scan last week, and there is a cyst this time but no other abnormalities. Because of Callums history, we've been offered the full works again, but we've decided against it. We're having fortnightly scans at our local hospital to monitor the size of the ventricles and we'll consider further treatment if they enlarge too much.

Take care, and try not to worry

Tracy xx

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