Help and Benefits for new moms-to-be

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    There are so many benefits you could be entitled to and might be hard to work it all out. You can visit your local job centre or Citizens Advice Bureau Others are Maternity Alliance and the National Council for One Parent Families

    Firstly your entitled to Free Prescriptions and NHS Dental Treatments- this is for duing pregnancy and for 12 months after you give birth. You need to get form FW8 from your Doctor or Midwife.

    Child Benefit - payable to to you for children from birth up to at least the age of 16. £16.05 a week or if your single parent £17.55 a week. And every other child you get £10.75

    Tax credits - Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits - Both vary depending on earnings and if a lone parents and if needing also help with childcare costs.

    Income-Based Jobseeker's Allowance and Income Support - Varies you can claim before giving birth. Go to your local Jobcentre. With this you can also claim £500 Sure Start Maternity Grant, Free milk, Vitamins, Travel fares to hospital, housing benefit and Council tax benefit and also Mortgage Interest payments

    The Discretionary Social Fund - Grants and interest free Loans. Contact your local Jobcentre.

    Maternity Benefits - for women that worked at least 26 of the 66 weeks before your expected week. You must have earned at least £30 for 13 of those weeks. £100 per week or 90% of your average earnings if this is less. Visit your Jobcentre

    Incapacity Benefit - For women who have paid some national insurance contributions duing the last 3 years. £54.40 a week, 6 weeks before baby is due and 2 weeks after. Jobcentre

    Statutory Maternity Pay - For women who have been in the same job throughout their pregnancy and whos earnings average £77 per week or more. Paid for 26 weeks. 90% of pay for the first 6 weeks and there after at £100 per week or 90% of your pay if this is lower for another 20 weeks. Claim through your employer

    Contributions- Based Jobseeker's Allowance- for people who have paid enough National Insurance over the last 2 tax years and eith unemployed or work less than 16 hours. up to 18 you get £32.90, 18-24 you get £43.25 and 25+ you get £54.65 a week. Claim at Jobcentre.

    Maternity Leave - 26 weeks leave for all employed women with the right to return. Claim if you havent been in the job for long. You can claim 11 weeks before birth at 29 week pregnant.
    Additional 26 weeks leave - this is unpaid

    Paid time off for Antenatal Care
    Paternity Leave for your partners 1 or 2 weeks £100 or 90% of pay
    Parental leave - unpaid 13 weeks a year per child until your child is 5
    Change or hours - rights for child friendly working hours

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