Help/advice- embarrassing and not for faint hearted!

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Blondelove, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Hey all,

    I am currently 37+4 with my second child. 5 days ago I noticed some thick discharge whilst I was checking my own cervix (midwife said its possible and then I read online). I ignored it as I had just had my midwife appnt and nothing had shown up in my urine.

    However on Friday I rang the doctor and said I suspected I had an internal yesast infection and she prescribed caneston a lower dose pessary over 3 days rather than one harsh one. I have been checking cervix again as it feels 2cm open (however could jus be the outside as its my second child). Anyway, took the last pessary last night and when I checked just now I was horrified at the amount again! The discharge is usually white or light green and super thick like cottage cheese or mushed up toilet paper. When I checked just now but inserting my finger- the amount of discharge was awful it covered my fingers and honestly all the walls of my vagina were smothered !!!!

    However .... It doesn't smell, and I have absolutely no other symptoms. No burning no Pain no anything. If it wasn't for checking I would not have known I had all of this loads of discharge as it doesn't come out on a pad or knickers it's far too thick! However I'm glad I did because my gosh I don't want some poor midwife to look up my bits and have to see that.

    Anyway.... As I've finished my last one and still have this- can anyone let me know if they've had similar and if it's definitely thrush? After my last one, this morning I literally had so much again and then was thinking as I have pretty much scooped so much out I thought that'll be it gone but then this is just now (5pm) and so much more again!!! I've attached some pictures...... Tmi I know.... Sorry!!! It's whitey coloured now as opposed to lighter green which is good but this is just a tiny bit of what I got off my fingers.... Sorry!!!


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    This normally happens following a pessary - chalky residue for a couple days- is it better now?

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