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    Dec 27, 2016
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    Hello all

    No idea what to put here!

    I'm Mel and 25 and been married for 4 years.

    I've already got a 5 year old son, by my ex.

    Husband and I have a 10 month old daughter, who was born in Feb 2016.

    We had been trying for a baby since we got together and have had 2 losses early on. We were giving up all hope as there was nothing wrong with us medically... and then we conceived our daughter.

    And I'm currently 24/25 weeks along with No2, who is due early April.

    So that is my story.. see you in the forums!
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    Jan 19, 2017
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    Hello everyone.

    I'm a 21 year old wife, happily married.

    We are planning our first baby soon and just to make it perfect I've pro actively started joining communities to learn about the problems mothers are facing and how they feel about them.

    I hope I will take a lot from here and hopefully, help another to be mother in future.

    I'm also a marketing head at a blog, Care Like Mum.

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