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    Jun 14, 2013
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    Just wanted to introduce myself on here as im new and not 100% on using this!! haha. Im 23 from Edinburgh. Me and my husband got pregnant last March and had a great pregnancy (Except for the 3 months sickness and being grumpy and picking arguments!). My labour lasted nearly 24hrs, I had a completely natural Birth in Decemeber, No drugs at all (im so proud). I have been Breastfeeding since and not had any trouble except a little pain that went away after lo was 2 weeks. She has just started weeing when we take her nappy off so i have started sitting her on her potty for a half hour every night (trying to have her potty trained before she is one, fingers crossed). Started her on baby food about 3 weeks ago, so far she has had banana, avocado and sweet potato as well as baby rice. She seems to really like the sweet potato. So everything seems to be going really well (touch wood).

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