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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Muggles, Dec 30, 2007.

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    Dec 30, 2007
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    Hi all.

    Ive just joined the forum.
    Im Rach im 26 and ive just found out im 8 weeks Pregnant with my first child.. Im single and i fell preg with a one nite stand..it wasent the nicest of nights and i also belive the father spiked my drink but i can not prove it.
    When i told the father before i knew for sure he started making demands about the fact he wouldnt suport the child but still wanted access.
    So ive told him it was a false alarm and im going to be doing it alone.

    Its still all very weird. I don't feel preg.. for many years my body has been a strange thing.
    Most of my friends allready have children and for years everytime one of them fell preg i skiped my period.( i think it was my bioligical clock ticking.) so now ive found out its me i still feel its not real. and im just waiting for sumthing to go wrong, i know it sounds bad but i keep thinking.... ive known hurt and upset for many years i can handle that. but happyness is a differnet matter!

    I have huge fears.... Wot if im a bad mum.. wot if the baby doesnt like me. will i ever get a man now im a single mum..
    Im also a large women so i have a fear i won't look pregnant and it may hurt the baby in sum way.

    Would be really greatfull of any storys like wot im going through.
    Thanks loads of love
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    Jan 3, 2008
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    Hi Rach and Congrats on your news. I'm sorry that you have found that you have needed to go this alone.

    I'm sure we all have the same feelings in one way or another, but i believe the main thing is if you give loads of love, support and help show them the way. Know matter what size you are you cant harm the baby unless you did something silly and there is always someone out there for you that will see the person you are and not what you see on the outside.


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