hello, i am back!


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Jul 17, 2005
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My name is Jadie, I have posted on here a few times when I first discoverd I was pregnant but since making a nursery lost the computer room!!

but now the computer has a new room too so I am back!

I am looking forward to chatting with you all agian!

Hi welcome back, not long to go for you now! enjot the rest of your pregnancy!

hello, I know it will go fast!

I am loving it at the minute!

feel really special and amazed by whats going on inside my belly!!
hi, welcome back - i too have been missing for a while, kinda broke the comp and cudnt log in!!( ohhhh the boyf was maaaad! hhehehehe!)

i am about the same stage as you too - 8 weeks to go! cant wait!!!! (6 weeks left in work yippeee!) - oooh! i wonder who of us will go first?
baby is due march 10thh - how about you?

shamu :D
Oh my god, 6 weeks left at work?! I've only got 3 left at the most. I am due on the 8th March so it will be close!
yup still 6 loooooooooong weeks - miscounted on my calander on sunday nite tho and thought it was only 5 - gutted! hehehehehe

what do you work as?- im in an office , so not to strenuous sat at a desk all day ( and people will bring me cups of tea if i ask very nicely and put on my most pregnant face!) - still cant wait to finish - but think its gona be weird tho and i wont know what to do with myself!

- no one gets what i mean - they all say"ooooh ya wont have a minute to yourself, you'll be busy busy busy" - yeah i get that, but i've worked since i was 16, straight from school, so never had a whole 6 months where i havent had to get up and get ready and be out the door for a certain time to get to school/college/work, its gona be weird adjusting to a new routine - hey ho, all fun i guess! hehehehe

Hi, I am a cook, so i am on my feet all day! I could proberly work for abit longer but I am looking forward to the rest!

I know I will be bored after the frist week, I keep putting jobs off around the house so can do them when I am on leave!

Did I ask do you know if its a boy or girl you are having?
on your feet all day - ouch that must be tiring! i'll bet your looking forward to finishing and having a good rest before babay arrives

dont know if our baby is a boy or girl yet, i'm leaning towards a girl (say 60-40) but i know i wont mind once it arrives! - really starting to get impatient now - want everything done ( poor boyf is up a ladder as i speak!) - but dont have any inclination to do anything myself! i got up full of ideas of what i would do (washing, ironing, clean bathroom, mop floors etc) - have managed to put one wash on and sat down again! just have no go in me anymore! ehehehehe - ah well, being pregnant is a good excuse! - have also managed to get invited to big sis's for tea so dont have to cook tonite either hehehehe!

enjoy your weekend
I had a lovely weekend, did not do much which was great! just went looking at more cars, but at last my oh has found one to be that he likes so I will get attention at the weekends agian!!!

Did you have a nice weekend?

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