hello everyone


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Mar 1, 2006
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hello everyone.
i think i have a problem. The thing is i had my third baby in 2003 and i put an end to having babies i was happy with the three i have.
Well since xmas ive been stressed as we are moving house and i haven't taken all my pills right and the other day i was sat and thought to myself 'When was my last period' and i couldn't remeber. Since then i have felt so sick and tired. My jeans are tight but i just thought that since xmas i have put weight of steadily. I tried to lose weight a few weeks ago and usually it drops of me but it seemedto stick/
Now i am beside myself with worry that i am expecting a forth baby. I have drank wine a few times and im worried i mayhave harmed the baby. Please help me. Im scared to do a test because i really do not want confirmation that im pregnant. My husband is also worried but supportive. I just feel so silly and devastated too.
Hi Ami,

I really think you should just do a test so that you know one way or the other.. then you can begin to figure out how you feel about it instead of worrying about it.

Great that your OH is being supportive.. thats a very good start!!

Is it because you don't want any more children? Or would you actually be pleased and excited?

Good luck and hopefully it is the news you are hoping for ...
i don't want any more children. But i know i could never have a termination so i know if i am i will have to have it.
The thing is it will be a fourth child which would mean a new car or BUS more like.
Im not really sure why im on here. I know what i need to do. I just can't seem to do it.
Oops.. this is a tough one! I don't think I can be of much help, but with regards to the wine, don't worry too much! It's amazing what some people get up to before they realise they're pregnant :shock: !
Other advice - not my place!!!! You know in your heart what you want to do, we can't change things for you. The best will be to do a test and take it from there. Our feelings often differ from those we had, once we do a test and it's positive.
Good luck. Sounds like you've got a lovely strong family that will be there for you no matter what your decision!
Emilia xx
Oh Ami, this is a difficult time for you. I know you are scared, but the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. At least once you know, you can start dealing with whatever the result it.

As for the wine, I got my BFP on New Years Day, so had the whole Xmas and New Years Eve thing to feel guilty about. But my baby is coming along great. Everyone has something to feel guilty about that they did before they got their BFP, and you can't turn back the clock. You have enough on your plate at the minute without having to stress about this as well.

Go and do a test hun, even if it is just to put your mind at rest.
the test is on its way.
my sister is getting me one.

Today i woke up and thuoght for gods sake girl shake yourself up and get a grip of things. My god i thought i could go to the doctors and be told ive got three months to live. Being told im pregnant is nothing compared.

Also me and hubby had a chat last night and he made me feel al ot bettter. Although the poor man will have to do more overtime he says its not the end of the world if i am and that we will manage. So i feel better that he feels like that.

I think the house move which may be as early as next week is on my mind i really am findung this situation difficult to deal with on top of it all.

Oh well C'est la vie

thankyou again for listening to me and for your kind words which are much needed.
well as i thought. its positive.
I'm shouting this one loud and clear.....
You'll be fine - another bunny to make you smile.
Emilia xx
:? thanks - im surprisingly not devastated, it was the not knownig that was upsetting me.

all i need to do now is find out how many weeks i am.
Ive phoned the doctors and they are getting the midqife to phone me.

I know i feel very sick fat and tired. :lol: so i suppose thats a good sign
Aww, congratulations Ami.

I'm so pleased you had the talk with DH before you did the test. That must have made you feel much better.

Good luck with the midwifes. Let us know how far along you are. Oh, and welcome properly to the forum now!!! :lol:
thankyou. Im not used to all these shortcuts what does DH mean

My name is not ami its Rachael. How do i get it changed to something more appropriate. I know i am now not am i? if you know what i mean :lol:
Hi Rachael... I think you have to go into your profile - change it there!
good luck again and let us know how you get on!
Emilia xx :wink:
ami said:
thankyou. Im not used to all these shortcuts what does DH mean

My name is not ami its Rachael. How do i get it changed to something more appropriate. I know i am now not am i? if you know what i mean :lol:

Sorry, been on here too long, I tend to even email friends with these abbreviations and they have no idea what I'm on about either!!!! DH means Dear Husband.

Am I?? Ah, I get it now!!! :lol:

If you can't change your username in your profile, PM (private message) Laura B and she'll change it for you.
Congrats Rachael... it must be a huge relief to know and to have talked to your husband about it [DH is Dear Husband] I am so glad you are feeling more positive about it all.. gosh I was one of 4 children.. my mum and dad only wanted 2 but ended up with 4 and yes they struggled but we all turned out fine and they are now enjoying having granchildren [and another.. this time mine! on the way!]

xxxxx enjoy being fat and tired.. welcome to the oh so unglamorous world of being not so blooming in pregnancy!! xxxx
ok thankyou

how do i get one of those little time lines too?vthey are so cute
If you find a ticker you like, just click on it, and it'll take you to their website. They are all very easy to follow, but you'll need to know when the baby is due first!!! :lol:

You then just copy and paste the code into your profile.
I missed your post was looking on the other thread you started. Congrats am pleased for you. Got a big smile now I love it when someone says they are pregnant. As soon as you know let me know your dates and stuff. Congrats again.
im actually quite looking forward to knowing when my forth :shock: child is due.

I want a ticker! :lol:

who else has had four children? i need to know im not the only nutter!
hi ami,


im trying for my 4th one :)


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