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May 19, 2005
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my god!!!

I have this so bad at the mo, to the point where its waking me up at night.

now, i hate rennies and gavisgon, id rather suffer than have that lol, but does anyone else know of anything that may ease it? i.e food or drinks? not medicene, im a wimp when it comes to anything that tastes horrible lol
Have you tried milk? I find it works really well - I'm a big sufferrer too!
yeah i have tried that, i find that it eases it there and then for a few mins, but then it comes back
I read in a book that papaya is very effective against heartburn...haven't tried it myself though! Anyway, that's natural, and quite tasty, so you might as well try it, and if it doesn't work, well, at least, you would have had a nice fruit :)

Hope you feel better soon,

Mel xx
Hi Layla

I've been suffering really bady as well - waking up from it is horrible isn't it.

I find drinking milk after my evening meal helps then I have a cup of peppermint tea later on - fingers crossed it's been working for me.

Hope you get relief soon,

any alkaline food will help neutralise the acid - bananas are a great example, i have 1/2 a banana or a glass of milk when i get heartburn and i find that helps. if i'm out and about with neither of these to hand i have a rennies soft chew which i make sure i always keep some of in my handbag. they actually taste ok, peppermint flavour.
Cheers for the advice guys,

I kept up with the milk thing and it does seemed to have eased alot now, think one glass wasnt enough :)
Milk works for me too. I hate rennies because they are so chalky but i find the chewable ones are fine. they are more like a tough mint than medicine.

Just gonna confirm what everyone else says that Rennies Chewables are so much nicer and seem to sort out any heartburn problems straight away.

Milk is great too, but like you say is only temporary.

Seem to have been lucky this pregnancy and heartburn hasnt been too bad but suspect Baby is still lying across me....and not putting so much pressure on my digestive system YET !! Mind you..if you look at the time of this message, i have now got ruddy insomnia lol

Ragna xxx
i also find peppermint tea pretty good. im guzzling gaviscon from the bottle, the peppermint flavour isnt that bad!
milk was the only thing that worked for me on my first pregnancy i was drinking about 3-4 pints a day by the time i was 8 months :shock:
hope it eases off soon for you xxxxx
Hi there,

Just wanted to reiterate what everyone is saying about milk and lots of it - also its better if you don't drink water during your meal - obviously you're meant to be having lots of it during the day but not while eating as it assists the heartburn. Whether or not I have heartburn, I have a big glass of milk after a meal and a 2nd one if it starts up.

Hope you are feeling better.

Loupy Aussie

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