Hearing your baby's heartbeat??


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Apr 17, 2005
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How far along do you have to be before you can hear the heartbeat? I am 11wks and I go to the dr. this Weds. and we are hoping to hear his/her heartbeat, but I forget how far you have to be before you can hear it. How's that 5th child and I forget! :roll:

xoxo Ree
I still havent heard my babys heartbeat by a midwife, i got a dopler and hear it myself that way,

I think i will hear mine and find out how fast it is at 26 weeks.

i think your meant to hear it around 14 weeks tho, im not sure
I heard the heartbeat on wednesday for the first time and i'm 18wks.
I hired a doppler and heard it myself quite early on - around 12 weeks I think.

I heard it at the midwifes at 16 weeks - well I heard the placenta. She said tha baby must have been hiding behind it.
My midwife (who I quickly changed) tried to hear the heartbeat at 11 weeks and when she couldn't hear it decided to prepared me for another missed miscarriage. Nice. The midwives at the hospital said they don't even try before 14 weeks as it's unusal to hear it before then and even then it can be difficult. Heard my baby at 14+4 but only quietly and it moved away quickly.
I just heard my babys heartbeat last week (I was 15 weeks exactly) it was really loud, fast and really clear - obviusly hyperactive like me!!!! Cant sit still for 5 minutes (thats what my Mom reckons anyway!!)

L x
I heard mine at the my first scan when i was 12 weeks, but im fairly sure I have seen posts where people have said they have heard it as early as 8 weeks!! :? could be wrong though :roll:

Good luck and hope you get tohear the heartbeat it is amazing! :D

Natalie x
Hi Gals!!

I was in fact able to hear our little peanuts heartbeat yesterday!!! Even with this being baby #5 the feeling of hearing it is like it being baby #1 again I loved it!!

P.S. It became a little bit more real!

xoxo Ree
I heard my babies heart very clearly on Tuesday and today at my 3rd scan the baby was sucking his / her thumb, how cute! :D

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