Head aches driving me crazy


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Feb 4, 2005
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sorry to have a moan but i'm getting really down with these headaches.

does anyone else get head aches frequently? I've had this one since yesterday afternoon... i'm a little worried about taking too many paracetamol.. in fact I only allow myself 2 a day... and not every day! I sometimes go a day or two without a headache then one comes on and getting rid of it is a nite mare! I know it's down to hormones and they will start to fade when i get past the first few weeks but I still fancies a moan..

Thanks for listening. If anyone has any magical cures i'll pay them for it!!!

Aw honey, I do sympathise with you. Headaches are so horrid and really get you down.

Mine had me in tears many times. All I can suggest is get as much rest and relaxation is possible, get your doc to sign you off if necessary, also get checked out by your doc to rule out high blood pressure/infections/anaemia etc just to be on the safe side.

Try a cold compress on your forehead, you can buy some from Boots (gel like strips) lay down in a dark room and close your eyes. Also gentle head massages help too. Try 'Forehead' as well, it may work.

My headaches/migraines lasted for about 3 1/2 - 4 months but I was having them everyday and it took alot out of me but i'm fine now, only have the occasional one. I really do hope they fade soon, give it another couple of weeks and most of these nastier symptons should go.

Good luck and take of yourself & the babe.

Hi Hayley

i too have been suffering with headaches constantly for the last week and have had to resort to paracetamol even though I didn't want to really take anything. I spoke to the m/w about it yesterday though and she asked if I was drinking enough. When I thought about it I realised that I really don't drink enough at all and with the stress I have at work etc it probably is what is causing the headaches. I have made more of an effort to drink more today and seem to be feeling a bit better.

I have to say though, she said water was the best thing and I hate water but have found that the flavoured still ones help. I like the Volvic lemon and lime one as its really refreshing and makes me drink loads more, although it can work out to be expensive!

I also in the past used to use a lot of lavender oils etc but have gone off strong scents since being pregnant but they are great for calming and headaches.

Sorry I can't be of too much help and hope they ease soon.

Tan xx
Hi Nicki, Tan

Woke up this morning and my head ache seems to have faded a bit! still there but not throbbing!!! Tan I agree drinking does take the edge of them... I realised this last nite... I hadn't had a drink for a few hours. I poured myself a large glass of milk to take my vits and within 10 mins i could feel the head ache fading.... but within an hour it came back with avengence... I drank a pint of orange and water and it seemed to take the edge of again.... I tend to drink tea more than water.. Maybe this has something to do with the head aches but i love a cuppa....

Might try drinking orange cordial throughout the day.. I'm the same - plain water is boring!

Thanks for replying... I haven't seen a midwife yet. I don't go for my first hospital appointment until 26th.. don't know if to call the hospital and try and speak to a MD of call my GP (have to make an appointment to speak to him thou)

Hi Hayley

You seem to be suffereing with all the symptoms that I did (still do!) I went into Boots and asked the pharmacist about 4head but he wouldn't prescribe it to me with being pregnant, Kim suggested the same as nikki has, the compressed gel strips to me too. There has been many a night I have layed in bed with a cold flannel on my forehead - I hope they ease off for you soon.

I wasn't sure if mine was due to cutting coffee out completely, I used to have about 6 cups of black coffee every day, but since becoming PG, I can't go near the stuff - the smell and the taste make me feel terrible but if you are still suffering and drinking tea then perhaps it is just another PG symptom :?

i suffer from migraines and when i found out i was pregnant i have the migraine from hell, and fairly regular headache after that - just remeber to keep up your fluids. eat sensibly. try acuptuncture that really helped my headaches - as alot of mine were due to being over tired. eventually in my third trimester i got signed off work at about 30 weeks because heasdaches were getting me down and couldn't couple with headaches and quite an active job.
I also suffer from migraines.....and mine tend to come on if i eat too much, cheese or chocolate at a time...which i love. I was told by a doctor to try and eat those things in moderation.......since doing that i have found my migraines have eased off and arnt so bad.

I know it's hard but try not to think of the pain when you have a headache worrying about it makes it worse. Drink plenty of fluids and as the others have said do rest in a quiet dark room, and a cold compress on the forehead and a warm one on the back of the neck can help.

Take care

your not alone hayley hun most of us suffered with headaches in the first few months i was the same with paracetamol didnt like taking too many was limiting myself to about 4 a day just when it was really bad and it would take the edge off it still get the odd bad head now but not many mine eased off around 12-14 weeks xxxxxx
I suffered a lot with headaches in the first trimester. My worst was at about 11 weeks, when the nausea seemed to stop as well.

I've only had one more headache since, so the end is in sight!

I found a weak milky coffee with a paracetamol works best but I obviously only did this when the headache really got me down as they don't recommend too much coffee.

Hope you stop suffering soon babe, i know how you feel!
thanks alot for your replies. feels better when you know your not the only one suffering. I got up this morning and the head ache seems to have packed up and gone... maybe all the orange cordial i drank did the job... just have to make sure i don't run low on liquids and get another banger!!!!

Will definately give the cold compress a go... I think most of the time i forget i'm pregnant and try to be my normal pre pregnant self.... running around food shopping, picking up people and general house work, cooking etc... after a full days work!


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