Having scan at 32 weeks


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Mar 30, 2005
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Just wondering if anyone else has had a scan at 32 plus weeks? Although im looking forward to seeing my baby on screen again, Im really worried that his/her private bits are going to be pretty noticeable now!!! Can I just ask them not to scan near that area? :?

Natalie x
I don't know about anyone else but I couldn't make out a thing on my scan, so you probably wont notice. That might just be me though!!
i wouldn't worry about it, as you can see i'm pretty close to the end and i have had a scan every week for last 4 and couldnt see anything, just make sure you tell them you dont know as they may say summat like he/she is growing well etc...
Hiya Newbump

I had scans at 34 and 38weeks and really struggled to make anything out - Even when the sonographer talked me through what was what.
Everything is so big and distorted, so it's unlikely you will be able to figure out what sex baby is - I even struggled to make out the hands when she showed me and on my 20wk scan they were very obvious! - The 20wk scans are soooo much easier to decipher.

Lotsa luck - Hope everything goes well!
iv had scans at 32 weeks. i would just tell the sonographer you dont know the sex and wouldnt like to kno yet, because on my scan i could make out everything! it was so amazing! i even saw her cute tuft of hair and her lil cute chubby face but i asked to know the sex so thats why i saw inbetween her legs. they might ask you to look away when they are checking the area if you say something. xxx
Thank you all for you replies, i will make sure i let them know i do not want to know the sex!!!

Thanks again

Natalie x

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