Having a second after preeclampsia

Discussion in 'Waiting to Try' started by Pemsy, Jul 26, 2020.

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    Hi all

    So our daughter is nearly 3 and we’ve decided to try again in a relaxed way for our second. One of the reasons for waiting is my fear of getting ill again.

    I had a bad third trimester in the summer months. I’d put on weight but also my swelling was horrendous. At 38 weeks I was told I had preeclampsia and went to hospital that day to deliver. With nothing happening after 2 days I had an emergency c section. I was so scared at the time but happy to try again. My fear developed as my daughter got older and the thought of leaving my daughter just made me terrified of a second pregnancy.

    I am trying to be healthy but my weight is 2 stone more than when I got pregnant with my daughter. With her I put on 4 stone over the pregnancy which is far too much and I’m sure played a role in my pain.

    I promise I don’t care about gaining weight For looks as I lost it easily breast feeding, I am worried about gaining weight and having an unhealthy pregnancy.

    I used to run but it’s been hard with lockdown etc but should I get a BFP I’m going to try to put fitness first, a long daily walk and 2 runs a week (until I start to show).
    I’m just wondering if anyone has experience with a second pregnancy after experiencing preeclampsia with the first?

    I am hoping for an arranged C section as I read it is safer if you had one with your first and they also noted I would of had a very difficult birth should I have been able to deliver naturally.
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    Hi, well you’ll be under a consultant this time for previous c section and previous pre eclampsia. Just because you’ve had it before doesn’t mean you’re going to get it again.
    They may well suggest you take aspirin from a certain time of pregnancy or they’ll potentially look at putting you on blood pressure medication.
    It’s always good to stay as healthy as possible in pregnancy anyway, but sometimes easier said than done. Good luck x

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