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    Hi ladies,

    As some of you will know I have been ttc for over 2 years now and with no luck. This has been really getting me down, especially since getting appointments for clomid has been a nightmare.

    So now I am taking a break from ttc and am doing something positive, raising money for Cancer Research UK.

    I have signed up for Ultra White Collar Boxing, this is where I have 8 weeks to learn to box before going into the ring to fight against someone (a girl).

    It does sound a bit mental, but I have just finished my first week, doing 4 boxing training sessions and 1 fitness session. I haven't felt this energised and relaxed since starting ttc. Also I have lost 4 pounds, when my weight has been gradually creeping up over the years, even with trying to eat healthy. I literally cried when I got on the scales and saw that.

    I hoping that having a few months off will put me in a bit of a better mental state when we try again after I have finished this and I should be lots healthier too. And hopefully I can feel good knowing that I have raised some money for a great cause.

    I guess what I have learnt after the hardest physical week of my life is that if we can find something else to focus on other than ttc it can help us mentally. I honestly hasn't realised how stressed I was about it all.

    If you are interested in finding out more or helping to motivate me and support a great cause then please check out this link.


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