haven't felt baby move today

i have been feeling strong baby movements for over a week now, but i have felt nothing today, should i be worried, i haven't really been to busy not to notice, just im very worried, probably being silly lol any one else have days when they get no feelings of their baby, please let me know so i can get a good night sleep :)
I have had a day where I didn't feel the baby move at all, and I was really panicked, but then all of a sudden it moved. I think maybe it had turned so that its back was towards the front of my belly and I couldn't feel the movements as well.
I have days like that too. In fact I woke up this morning thinking that I hadn't felt the baby move all night which is really unusual for me and I started to worry. It's now just moved so I'm relieved.

It probably isn't anything to worry about as baby's have quiet days and active days but as a general rule you should feel around 10 movements in any 12 hour period. If you are at all worried that something isn't right then ring your midwife or the hospital and they'll advise you.

Lets face it there's no point in worrying if your midwife can check you out and let you know all is ok. Remember that's their job and they'd rather you rang (and perhaps felt silly when the baby does move) than leave it.
every thing is fine this morning, i have felt ,movements again, thanks for your help, what does a hiccup feel like, i felt like a bug bubble popping in my belly, was it a hiccup?
I'm pretty sure that I've been feeling hiccups lately. I think they are hiccups because it feels like very soft movements, but with a definite rhythm or pattern, almost like a very slow heartbeat. But I didn't feel them until a few days ago, so at about 29 weeks.
That sounds like what I think of as hiccups too.

A gentle movement but with a kind of rhythm to it, just like a slow pulse. I also didn't feel them until later on in my pregnancy, although I couldn't tell you when exactly.

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