have you packed any music?


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May 19, 2005
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hey girls :)

Have any of you packed any music to listen to while your in labour?

I have packed James Blunt's album and The Darkness new album.

Jase is not impressed he has to listen to James Blunt tho lol
I must admit I wish I had, there was a radio in the room and I really wanted to listen to it but it was broken, it was soooo reasing when I knew it was there lol
I have packed a personal CD player and wait for it................. G4's new album!!

When i was having Amy they kept sending Andy home to rest and i wished i had somwthing to chill out with in between contractions, so this time i did.

Your probably thinking oh my god G4, but i find there style of music really relaxing.

I'll blame it on hormones!! Lol
I love G4, i think its a great type of music to listen to if you need relaxing :)
Ay you can shut up as well!!

At least we have a radio that works!! Lol :lol:
i planned to have some cd whilst i was in labour at the midwife unit, but i got transfered to hospital with high bp - and all they had was a radio to be honest the only bit of musoc i remember was Gorillaz DARE! so that will always be Ewans birthing song!! i think iwas too high on gas and air to remeber much!!

I totally forgot about music oh no, wonder if tehy have cd players there i love metallica, so i might bring a few of there cd's and drive everyone nuts lol.
Did you take any in the end layla? I didn't, it was a bit rushed and I wasnt even packed (even though I had weeks of warning). I don;t think it would of relaxed me though, all I could hear was the sound of me sucking on G&A and moaning! LOL
This is an old thread Ebony. Layla was getting ready to have Coby!

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