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Have you enjoyed working while pregnant?


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Aug 13, 2005
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I have absolutely hated every minute of it - changing attitude of manager, feeling sick and tired all the time etc. plus having a more important priority sat in my tummy. It has really made me think about what is important in life and what is worth worrying about. Anyone else felt like this??
yep, i hated every minute of work while i was pregnant!!

don`t want to go back in november :(
I too have hated work since I was pregnant. I had essays and NVQ plus work and just felt so overwhelmed. I have since passed my degree and NVQ so the pressure has just eased off but am due to qualify in a couple of weeks and am dreading going back to work after my leave as I am always tired and there are tons of stairs to climb. Plus in my job you occasionally have someone taking out anger at you and that coupled with hormones is not the best. Still on monday I have only 11 weeks till maternity leave starts. I agree with you Belle, my priorities have completely changed, just want to be at home preparing fro baby, not worrying about stupid paperwork etc
Am I weird? I love going to work, but I suppose my circumstances may be different...

Before I got pregnant I loved work and did loads of overtime. When I became PG I was so tired and ill, I hated it and I couldn't concentrate, I stopped doing overtime altogether.

At about 14/15 weeks I started feeling a lot better and a bit hyperactive and started with the overtime again (need the money more than ever).

Also, because I have a lot of stress at home at the moment, it's a bit of a break to go to work. I also work with some excellent people.

Anyone else enjoying work??
Hating work. Cant wait til mat leave. Work with great bunch of people but the job is awful
I didn't enjoy work that much in the first trimester as I got very tired in the afternoons and hated the travelling when I felt sick, but now I am really enjoying the distraction to be honest.

If I was at home all day I would think about the baby and the birth all the time and I think it would become very tedious.

I am not looking forward to the end bit though, so I have arranged to work just mondays, wednesdays and fridays in the final six weeks, which to me makes perfect sense. I'm saving my holiday up for that.

I will miss going to work when I am off
I have hated every minute of it!!! I was looking for a new job before I found out about being pregnant as I hated it then. Since being pregnant they have treated me appallingly and I have lodged an official grievance. I can't wait to start my maternity leave (aiming for mid January) and I really really don't want to go back afterwards.
That would be a NO.
Mostly becuase I work with numbers at the moment and have no brain and also because sitting still all the time is playing havoc woth my back and hips. Grrr and ZZzzzzzz

for me, it's the opposite! I am hating it because I cannot sit!!!!!!
I am a language teacher, and I never used to sit on a desk! I try, but I feel very awkward!

I am finding it very difficult to work at the moment, I live 1 hour drive from my work place, and even if it's my lovely husband who drives, I find it tiring! My colleagues can see I am tired, and don't hesitate to tell me!!!!! Only the kids are making it nice, they behave much better, and are full of good intentions! :)

Can't wait till maternity leave...16 weeks to go!!!!!!!! :cry:

mel xx

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