Have I missed the peak time?


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Apr 10, 2005
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Hi Everyone

Just after a bit of advice about the best time to BD? I know that you want to be bding around ovulation but is the appearance of EW too late ?

Having been on the bcp for the past 9/10 years I now know that last month when I thought I had an infection it was actually EW (!) cos I'm getting it again (sorry too much info)... does this mean I'm ovulating?

Sorry to sound a bit naive, think tomorrow I'll invest in a "know your body" book - any recommendations?

Oh, also - is there a "best brand" of folic acid or are they all much of a muchness? I've been taken a Sanategen pre-prenancy multivitamin.


Baby dust to all x
The only pre-conception folic acid you need is the most basic one, anything with extra vitamins etc is good, but not compulsary.

I think that your C/M gets like E/W at the right time for BDing, so if you see E/W... go for it.

Remember aswell that the 14 day rule is not the same for everyone, I am convinced I ovulated at around day 7 and wasted so much time BDing around day 14 every month! The one time we did it straight after my period finished we got pregnant!
Hi Urchin

Thanks for the info on folic acid, I bought Superdrug's own brand today - they were a fraction of the price!

Its interesting about the 14 day thingy - was yours usually a 28 day cycle? I've only had one AF since coming off the bcp at the end of February (that cycle was 45 days).


I'm so glad you asked this question. I really got a lot out of Toni Weschler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility

She is really explicit about three factors that indicate ovulation: body temperature, CM, and cervical position. This is my first cycle charting temps and that, combined with my newfound knowledge of CM, led me and hubby to BD on what I think were optimum days...waiting til Monday to test and hoping for a BFP!

If you've got EW CM then get BDing! It's the best time, definitely not too late.

Good luck!!
Hi Margaret

Thanks for your book advice - I'll have a look tomorrow for it.

Fingers crossed you'll get a BFP!

HI again.

My cycle was usually about 30 days, so I thought I would be ovulationg around day 14-15 but no!.... remember we are all different and I'm just so glad I started BDing early otherwise I'm sure I would still be waiting!

Don't give up, and even if you see a tiny bit of EW/CM go for it! you've got nothing to lose!
The best way I've read to conceive is to have a healthy sex life.

Try not to put too much emphasis on having sex at certain times of your cycle cos like Urchin says we're all different and while it's good to be noticing when you ovulate if you're having sex regularly anyway (and enjoying it!) then there's not so much pressure and it's bound to happen eventually.

You read so much about people having sex like clockwork 3 times a day during their ovulation and having no luck but then deciding to stop trying and bam! - they're pregnant.

Remember that babies are made with love!

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