Has anyone experienced painful wind? Is it normal?


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Jan 22, 2005
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I am approx 4 weeks pregnanct and really taking it easy. I have lots of painful belly wind (down south :oops: ). Is this normal in the first stages of pregnancy? It is like cramping wind and moves around my stomach until it is released!!!! Has anyone else experienced this? :?
oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so much in the evning esp., that my tummy was doubling in size! my husband was laughing at me, and it was quite embarrassing! it lasted a couple of weeks, around 3-4, and stooped around week 10.
good luck! :wink:

mel xx
Hi Julia,

My doctor told me that I was full of wind when I was about 10/11 weeks, made me feel great, and he prescribed me some foul tasting stuff which does help. If you want to get something for it ask your Dr cos you get it on prescription and its free. I am currently having bad stomach pains and I think it muight be wind again. I cannot believe how unsexy this preganacy thing is??? Wind, constipation etc though I am now completely open talking about my toilet habits etc much to my friends disgust
Thanks Girls!

Feel better now I know you have had the same - I always think I am the only one who experiences embarrassing problems!! I suppose I shall just jet-propell my way through and leave the smells for must husband to answer for. LOL. When we go to bed at night the next door neighbour must think we have hired a wind band for the night!!!!! :lol:
LOL Julia

I was the same really early on - before I even learned I was pregnant in fact, I had really terrible constipation and wind - it was really painful. The constipation is mostly gone now, but now and again I still get really bad wind attacks :oops: :oops: :oops:

Yup - same here. Really bad for the first 5 weeks or so and then on and off since then. ACtually it's much better now I think of it (I'm 12 weeks) . THe wierd thing is that in the morning my stomach is still quite flat but by the eveninng I am really looking pregnant. Must be bloating I guess.

Possum, i get exactly the same: flat in the morning and bumpy in the evening! :)
so much that at first, my husband used to think I was pushing out my tummy to look pregnant!!!!!!! :lol:
but now he is used to it, and me as well, but I keep on wondering when this cute pregnancy bump is going to stay for good!

For the wing, well, i still get it now and then, depends on my food actually, but the problem is that I only seem to be able to eat what makes wind worse!

oh well, we'll cope with that :)


mel xx
I have had it since I conceived and it's still as bad now!!
haha same as me Kim! But then I never held it in before I was PG!! :oops: Better out than in! :lol: I have more wind now I'm PG but in the evening it gets even worse lol. And when I wake up I seem to have to break wind before my belly is comforatble - oh how I love pregnancy haha :lol:

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