Hair colour?


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Apr 8, 2005
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I just read the thread on eye colour and wondered if anyone had a link for hair colour.

My OH's hair is well a sort of nothingy colour really!! but was prpoer carrot orange when little

I think my original hair colour is a mousy brown( too many colours over too many years to remember lol) but i was blonde when littl

as some of you may have seen on pics Emily is a dark gingery colour.

Jack at the minute looks mousy but would love to know what it could go like

Both my parents have dark hair as does my sister

My OH's mum is really dark

so its anyones guess what they are going to be
We have had this discussion too as Seren's hair looks like it has red in it. Both me and OH were blonde as babies and toddlers, my mum had black hair, my dad was the same as me. My sister is really dark and both me and OH are mousy so where this red has come from (thiough I do seem to have some red in mine but I have had so many hair colours I have lost track of what is natural).
I had nightmares when I was pregnant that we'd have a little boy with carrot orange curly hair and he'd need glasses. Stuart is ginger, most of my family on both sides are ginger (cept me :) ), so we were a bit flumoxed when Callum and Charlotte were blonde (no blonde on either side).

Alex is still mostly bald, but what he has got is looking a bit gingery and curly :shock: Lets hope he doesn't need glasses :wink:

Every newborn baby I have met with dark hair looks like they might go ginger!! I think it's one of those things!!
We thought Phoebe might go red but she seems to have gone a bit darker now. Her eyebrows are still a bit red though!!
Who cares what colour hair they have anyway!!!!

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