Had My first scan at 22 weeks 16/01/05 - Wow,amazing!!!


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Dec 18, 2005
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:D Hello,hope everyone is feeling okay!!

I had my scan on Monday,as some of you may already know from my previous posts,I was a late booker,so it was my first scan,whereas it should have been my second.I was a little nervous,mainly just hoping Bean was okay,as I hadn't been able to have any tests,and I was still concerned about my alcohol intake before I knew I was expecting,even though everyone on the site was great and reassured me,plus the fact I still haven't felt any movement.
Well,I was just amazed.My little bean did nothing but punch and kick,I can' believe I haven't felt anything!!They said everything is developing as it should,and eveything is where it should be,and brought my due date forward from the 22 May to the 16th May,so I have had to change my tickers.Note the ticker from Babygaga has changed from rainbow to blue......yes,we're expecting a BOY!!!

I feel a load better now actually seeing Bean there on the screen,I am so excited now!!!!Dave was amazed, he shed a tear when he saw his little heart beating!!It has got to be one of the best things we have experienced,I just hope now everything carries on developing as it should.
Thanks to everyone who told me that everything would be alright,and told me what to expect.You are all stars!!
Bagpuss :D
Congratulations............Glad everything went well at the scan!!!!

Amy xx
awww congratulations i to had my first scan at 22 weeks - the day i found out and everything with braydon was fine, i am so glad u r having a lil boy have u got ne names?
Congratulations Bagpuss am so pleased that everything was fine for you :D

Congratulations Bagpuss, I'm really pleased for you both that the scan went well.
congratulations hun glad all went well xxxxxx
:D Thanks everyone!!

i am so glad u r having a lil boy have u got ne names

The only two we have thought of are Finn and Zak - we hadn't really started to think about names until Monday!!

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