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May 19, 2005
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im so pleased with myself so i had to post this.

its my birthday on tuesday and i have been trying to find out what my OH has brought me,
Im mad on Giraffe's and i had a toy one, the dog claimed it as soon as we got her and i was upset, i know its only a toy but i loved it lol

anyway, after some snooping i have found out that my OH had adopted me a Giraffe from West Midland Safari Park!!!

we get a free pass to go and see him in 2 weeks :D

i have to act all suprised now when he gives it to me lol bless him
Naughty girl!!!
What a lovely present though.
lol you got no surprise now layla. what a thoughtful other half you have there :D i bet your well pleased hun xxxx
West Midlands Safari park is GREAT!!

I take my little boy there all the time, the giraffes put their heads iside the car!

Take some bananas, they love 'em!
I can't believe you snooped round and found your present Layla, you bad girl!! :wink:

What a thoughtful OH, he must love you to bits, all I got was cash (though I'm not complaining!!)

aww what a lovely present, you are naughty though!! :lol:
Hello hun

LOL :lol: thats hilarious, im glad your happy with your gift though you have ot tell us all about it aftyer.. Guess what my birthday is ontuesday as well so ill always remember it lol, so ecpect me to message you on tuesday??? do you know what your doing yet???
Im not doing anything as far as i know,

i got tickets to take my daughter to see mcfly so i will be out all night with her, my OH took me away for the night/day last friday to devon so i think that was part of my pressie.
aww my mum is taking my son to see mcfly in cardiff on tuesday too :D
hope you have a nice time and a nice birthday hun xxxx

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