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Discussion in 'Health, Beauty & Dieting' started by leckershell, Dec 31, 2007.

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    there's big signs up round holland and barrett and on their website that there is a slimming sale but when i've clicked into it there's actually only 6 things on sale but they are half price if it's of any use to anyone. only posting this cos i remember trixi saying about apple cider vinegar and this is one of the things on sale :)

    http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/ ... cid=89&np=

    on sale until 17th jan.

    also, not sure if anyone here has tried lecithin? i got some from zipvit a long while back and it's supposed to help digest fat a lot quicker so you don't put as much weight on? just thought i'd mention it in case anyone is interested as it's pretty cheap to try, and weight wise or not they made me feel a lot more healthy in general.

    sorry if that makes no sense or is of no use x

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