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Apr 25, 2005
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Today, my colleagues told me how tired I look!!! I have started work last week and I already feel like i have done 100 weeks!!! lol
they told me to drink half a pint of guiness a day to get some iron in my blood without constipating me and to drink some lucosade to reduce my cramps in my calves( they are permanently there but are really bad in the night) so the salty bits can be in my blood stream.

any of you have ever heard of this? I went to the shop and bought lucosade and guiness, see if it works:)

I have not heard about the lucosade but the guiness is right, its very good for you while your pregnant, lots of iron in it :)
Ew I can't drink guiness.

Does wine work? :wink:
Im sure ive heard that a glass of red wine is also good :lol: :wink:
The only way I can drink Guiness is with a shot of Tia Maria in it so I guess too much of that would be out of the question!!! :?
Hmm, can we really drink a bit of Guiness? I actually am not keen on it but I think even a small glass would help me sleep and the iron can't be a bad thing can it. I haven't drunk a drop of booze since we were TTC so I'd feel strange about it but then again.... :wink: Has anyone asked their midwife about it?

Sorry to be a killjoy but Guiness is not a great source of iron as other things (I know boo, as I love the stuff and was looking for an excuse). Green veg is meant to have a higher iron content, but does not taste as nice. Am craving a pint of the black stuff now, mmmm its dead creamy and yummy........

But an occasional half isn't going to hurt and if it has worked for others it might work for you...can you see my justifications coming into this :wink: I too have been told lucazade is good for cramps xxxx
Rosebay said:
Has anyone asked their midwife about it?


My best friend is a midwife and she said to me one or 2 units a week is nothing to worry about. I have had the odd glass of wine on nights out, and wine can apparently be good for your blood. Obviously spirits would be a no-no.

I think I am more relaxed second time around because with my first pregnancy I didn't know I was pregnant till I was 18 weeks and I definitly did some things I shouldn't have before I found out!
Eg. Scuba diving 5 times a day to depths of up to 44 metres, then partying and drinking all night, then getting up with a hangover, carrying diving tanks back to the boat then going diving again. Oops!
Well Urchin just goes to show that maybe we can all be a bit over paranoid, your first hasnt suffered :lol:

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