GTT results and growth scan: All good

Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by AnnaMS, Jul 9, 2013.

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    May 28, 2013
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    What a long and hot day!

    Firstly I didn't have any breakfast, which put me in a right mood as I was so tired and irritable as I'd not slept well last night due to this heat..... and also baby was hungry and I couldn't give her anything!!

    I had my GTT today and the good news is that it's all clear. I had to hold my nose as I had the drink as it tasted vile... I think it was the orange one, but can't remember. My husband and children came with me, so when I had done the first part, I could be with them as I waited for the results and take my mind off it. Emilia reacted to the sugary drink afterwards as she squirmed about, but then must have fallen asleep.

    Afterwards, I had a growth scan, which was had already been booked. I asked if my husband and children could come in as it was being done. They don't usually allow more than one guest in, but they made an exception this time. The children were very well behaved and thrilled to be able to see their sister on screen, yawning her little head off. She is absolutely fine and has had a bit of a growth spurt, as her estimated weight is around 3.5-4lbs. I've also got extra fluid, which will be absorbed back in. This may be why I feel so heavy and increasingly uncomfortable.

    Oh and just checked the temperature outside - 27 degrees in the shade!!

    Now away to get some food as I am starving! A quick sandwich for lunchtime at the hospital wasn't too great, but I had to have something!
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    May 14, 2013
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    Congrats on the results :) x

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