Grace Louise - 26/10/11. Birth Story

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    Sorry it took me so long to write up and its a long one!


    Monday 24/10/11
    3am – Woke to contractions starting, being anywhere between 5-12 mins apart and lasting 1 min. Came downstairs and spent the night on all fours leaning over my ball.
    7am - OH got up for work and asked if he needed to stay home. Sent him off to work and said I would call if needed as had midwife coming to do 2nd sweep at some point so would see what she thought.
    8am - Managed to get showered and dressed but knew something was quite right as reading other girl’s stories and going by the books etc this early stage of labour should start and stop and I should be able to at least try and get some rest during this time. My contractions just weren’t letting up really. Started to lose my plug….disgusting lol

    9am – OH arrived home (think he just couldn’t be bothered with work)

    9:30am – Midwife arrives for 2nd sweep. Not even 1cm dilated L She said I wouldn’t need to be induced on Friday but still have a couple of days at home so eat, sleep & rest!

    Throughout the day my contractions didn’t die down. Got regular every 5/6mins lasting 1 min or more.

    4pm – Call delivery and decided to go in and get checked. 1cm dilated and sent home.

    Spent the night on the landing at the top of the stairs so I could lean over the banister. Contractions continued to be regular & often but knew they would just bloody send me home again. Spent my time between trying to stay in the bath and pacing the landing. Couldn’t lie down or even sit as made the pain worse.

    Tuesday 25/10/11
    5am – OH phoned delivery again as I hadn’t eaten, slept or even sat down since 3am Monday! Went in and was just 2cm dilated and sent home after being given a couple of stronger painkillers…….could have cried right then!

    6:30am – managed to lay myself down on the bed and dozed of for a whole 10 mins before painkillers made me throw up, spent the next hour hanging over the toilet being sick L

    12:30pm – While kneeling over the back of the sofa (by now I had pretty much run our of clean comfy clothes & towels with the amount of sweat & constant baths. Was still losing plug, must have gone through so many sanitary towels as well lol) my waters broke, felt a pop and a bit of a gush. Just shouted ‘towel’ to OH. Phoned delivery and they said if things don’t get more intense by 8pm to go in. ‘More intense??’ Was still contracting every 5ish minutes for 1 minute at a time so don’t know what more they bloody wanted!

    3pm - Phoned delivery again and said although my contractions hadn’t gotten any more intense than I’d had for the past 36 hours I couldn’t take anymore. Paracetamol didn’t even touch it, baths weren’t working and the previous painkillers made me sick. Think they thought I was making up the timing & length of my contractions but she said I could go in to get check although be prepared to be sent home again.

    4pm – Arrived at the hospital car park, took two steps out of the car and starting throwing up again! Couldn’t walk so OH had to leave me bent over the car bonnet being sick while he went to get a wheelchair! This was during visiting hours….lovely!
    Finally got up to labour ward and a very nice new midwife put me on a monitor, after 10 mins she checked me out and I was very nearly 3cm dilated but……..although baby was head down she wasn’t engaged because she had her head turned to the side so was wedged against my pelvis hence why so painful and contracting so quickly! Halleluiah!!! It wasn’t just me being a wimp! After speaking to my & OH about how long I had been up without any food, drink or sleep she spoke to doctor to agreed to admit me for dehydration & exhaustion so the could get me on a drip so I could rest for labour. Stood up to go to side room and they notices from my water leakage that baby had poo’d. All changed then……………….

    Was given shot of pethadine and whisked straight down to a delivery room, they got a drip in and stuck me on a monitor for an hour while they got my fluids back up. All this time I was still throwing up now and again until I had enough fluids.

    While I was still with to enough I spoke to OH about what I wanted to happen if it because to serious. If they wanted to hurry things up and give me the drip I would have an epidural at the same time. I would only have a c-section if it was absolutely necessary for safety reasons. They gave me another shot of pethadine at some point. I never thought to ask for G&A and they didn’t offer ( probably because of all the throwing up lol)

    10pm – They said she had finally turned and was engaged but they needed to start me on the drip as she was beginning to get distressed. I was abit woozy on the pethadine so thankfully OH said they’d better sort out an epidural as well then.

    11am – Hooked up to a fluid drip, hormone drip and given my epidural and told to sleep and they would monitor me. My midwife sat with her hand on my bump the whole time while checking contractions J

    Wednesday 26/10/11
    2:30am – Woken by the doctor to say I was fully dilated and we could have this baby now. Woke OH and they got out the stirrups. Discovered my right leg had completely died with the epidural, left side still had movement and slight feeling. Dr cut me and used ventouse, 27mins later baby Grace arrived, doctor took her away as she was coughing up mucus. Decided she would go to special care so I was allowed a 5 min cuddle while they stitched me. Didn’t manage skin to skin & OH didn’t get to cut the cord.

    4am – Midwife took OH down to see Grace in special care and I was fine with it all until he came back, still makes me cry thinking about it. They told us she just needed alittle help getting the mucus up but when he went down she was wired up to a cpap machine under a heat lamp with loads of drips, anti-biotic and heart monitor wires. Freaked him out which then freaked me out as I could see how scared he was……they just didn’t warn us!

    Going onto a ward without my baby was heartbreaking but thankfully after 36 hours she was with me on the ward and after 5 days we were allowed home! She had a little chest infection from the poo and I know it was best to be safer than sorry with all the wires etc at the start but I just wish they had told us what to expect when we saw her.

    I was allowed to breastfeed after 24 hours and we did very well, too well if anything! She didn’t lose any birth weight and continued to gain. My iron levels went through the floor buy day 5 but we struggled on until day 14 with breastfeeding every 2 hours for an hour at a time but I was just too tired so we began expressing / formula mix for another week or so then went onto just formula.

    If you have managed to read the whole thing.......well done! I'm abit of a waffler when I get going
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    Awww wow what a time of it you had but did so well, bet shes worth every second though XXXX
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    Congratulations! It sounds as though you did brilliantly! We need pictures!!!
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    wow what a story, you did so well, well done! Congratulations xx

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