Got AF after only 4 weeks, Whahay!!


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Jun 7, 2005
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Cant believe my AF started yesterday, exactly 4 weeks after I suffered a complete miscarriage. I thought it would take at least 6-8 weeks and its really heavy without any clotting which is unusual for a normal period with me, usually lots of clots and dark but this seems to be a completly clean AF for a change.
In a way it seems my system has cleared itself out and started again so hope to start trying again this this space!!!
Me too!!
I got mine on Sunday - 4 weeks and a day since my m/c!
Amazing that my body seems to have returned to normal so quickly.
This month we're going to TTC with a vengeance!
Fingers crossed!
Good luck to both of you.... stay postive and enjoy the practising!!!!
good luck to the both of you - Baby dust to you both and enjoy the BDing as Anna Marie said! :lol: xxx
Hi my af came 4 weeks and 6 days after my miscarriage and it took me 4 months to get pregnant periods became irregular too. So if you are willing to wait just in case it happens to you too, thats cool. All the luck in the world to you.
Love Jacqui.
reviving this thread as I have [I think!] just had my AF 4 weeks exactly after the first day of my m/c bleeding. I was totally surprised as expected to wait 6-8 weeks like last time.

There was lots of blood, fresh but a few clots but only lasted 3 days.. now I am just spotting. Is this familiar to any of you guys??

I now have to wait to see what happens with next one so I can start monitoring cycles so can figure out ovulation etc but would love to think that my body has sorted itself out.

I have been told by doctors that if the m/c is a natural and complete one [no need for pills or D&C etc] the body recovers quickly... just wondering if you guys would agree? I hate not knowing / controlling my body with such things.. just adds to the pain and stress of the situation.

thanks... and btw any of you ttc this month post m/c successful yet???!!! :) :wink:
Hi girls

I Had a miscarriage, had my scan on the 16th August and the baby had stopped growing since the last scan two weeks previous to that, they had said that this might happen so i was expecting it. I had a d&c on the 19th August and im so glad it was on the 19th as when i was in the waiting room at the hospital that morning i started bleeding very heavily - like a tap had been turned on, it was very frightening and i was doubled over in agony. I was 6th on the list to be taken but after i saw the surgeon he said he would take me first seen as i was bleeding badly.

I do want to try again but im just scared that the same thing will happen again. But im thinking maybe best just get trying cos it could take a while anyway. I will wait till after my 1st doo da has been and gone.

Question for u all - Do you but those ovulation test things ?
My AF arrived exactly 4 weeks after a complete miscarriage and was the best AF I had had in ages, really good bleed (if thats the right thing to say, as I usually had clots/black) and last 4 days with abit of mucus after for a day or so. My AF was the 18th July and it was my first clear one after my M/C and I am now 6 weeks pregnant and have a scan at the early pregnancy unit next week. We were told the fertility level is still high for a few months after and I guess the GP was right!!!! Fingers crossed with this little Beanie.

I bought a pack of ovulation strips ready for use after my next AF but had a BFP the day after they arrived in the post so have put them in a safe place...just in case.

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