Got 1st Anti-D Injection today!


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Apr 23, 2005
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Hi All!

I was at the hospital today to collect my blood results and my blood is Rhesus -, I had to have an injection today... They asked If I wanted It my leg or the top of my bum...(read a post on here that some girl had it in her leg and it hurt- ouch! ) So I opted for it in the top of my bum, I was really panicking but I suppose It was not that bad....I am glad I opted for the bum ha ha, I have an appointmant with my midwife 2moro and I am going to discuss this with her as the hospital were horrible... I asked them what this was for and they just gave me a leaflet told me to read it and if I have any problems call my midwife... So I will ask her tommore... But now I am left in suspense waiting to know why I had this Injection...... Can any1 advise me on this pleas eas the leaflet I have does not make much sence....

Any Advice would be great...
Love Danielle and Bubble xx
Awww Bless ya. Im not sure to be honest and would suggest you go into, sure you will find something there that would make more sense. Does my head in when they dont explain things to you clearly.

I do sympathise with you as I have to have an injection everyday of heparain (anti clotting) my poor husband has to do it, and its put straight in the stomach. Only 165 to go...Agghhhrrrrrrrr. Had them since week 7...and got to have them the whole of the pregnancy. But small price to pay.

Ragn axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh my God Ragna! That Is so awfull... I feel so sorry for you.... I hope ur ok! I am so worried about this Anti-D injection... They said 1st pregnancies are ok but 2nd pregnancies can be affected... I hope not as this is my 2nd pregnancy (1st one ended in a misacrriage at 7 1/2 wks ) The nurses said that there was nothing to be concerned about and that all will be ok... But for some reason I cant help but worry, These past few days with having a bleed and worrying for 2 days incase I had a miscarriage scared me and when I saw my baby yesterday I was so happy and today I have this awfull situation... I cant wait to see the midwife tomorro...

So how have u been lately... Your not much further on than me I am Due Dec 1st when are u Due?

Love Danielle and Bubble xx
p.s Have u got a bump yet... I have a little one!
Thanks for your concern. Bless ya. Im fine honestly. Im used to it now although at first I freaked at the thought of an injection in my stomach. Its just like a little pin prick most times, or a wasp sting. Tony my other half is a dab hand now at doing it, hes better than the district nurses I had as I rarely have bruises.

I am nearly 17 weeks pregnant (due 26th November) but lost a baby at 11 weeks in 2003 after a Deep vein Thrombosis in my leg, hence the injections this time. So far so good, but obviously I live each day on a knife edge. I have five other children, and never had any problems with them at all, I guess my age probably dosnt help (40 aaghhhrrr)

Im sure that my sister had the same as you, and I know of others (a fair amount too) that have gone on to have healthy babies who are now all grown up.

Yes to the bump, its just appeared last few weeks and im pretty sure I can feel beanie bouncing about now. Waiting for the Scan at 20 weeks..Seems an age away.

You take care of yourself & hope you find some more help all about the anti D.

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Ragna!

Thanks for such a nice message! I am so exited to get my 20wk scan too.. which seems so far away.... Ive had two scan already but that aint enough... i would like 1 everyday, even 3 times a day.. ha ha!

You take care of tourself too and I hope all goes well for you...Keep up those Injections LOL.
Love Danielle and Bubble xx
Awwwwww thanks for your reply Dani.

And thank you too, cos I had forgotten bout my injection till I came on here...and we just rushed off to do it! Ouch. You have to do it within an hour of the previous day. Do most days..when we dont forget lol

Hey...I think we should be able to have a Scanner in our living room so we can just have a go when we feel like it. I had the midwife come to my house other day to hear the heart beat, but apart from the fact the Doppler was a large lady (polite way of putting it) and apparently when you have flab, its harder for them to hear it, so sadly she couldnt find it, but Im not worried as I have regular movements now.

Awwwww Beanie you will get used to them, it all comes just part of it. I started getting a bump around 14 weeks...and feeling baby too, although this is my 6th apparently you do earlier. Seems an age since i gave birth to my eldest son Adam who is now 19 and 6 foot 4 lol lol lol

Good Luck to you both.
Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I recently posted this on my thread to someone asking about Anti-d. I have tried to explain it as best I could...any problems let me know!!

Ok..I'm just going to explain this as best I can, forgive me if i ramble.

There are for blood groups A B AB & O. And there is the rhesus D Antigen - some people have it, others don't. The Rhesus D Antigen is almost a marker on the red blood cell that the body uses to determine whether it should be there or not. Those who have this Rhesus D Antigen are known as positive, those who don't - negative. Hence A-ve or A+ve etc. This allows us to determine which blood is compatible with whom. Those who are positive can have the same blood group without the antigen eg A+ve can have A-ve as well via transfusion. But those who are negative cannot have the rhesus D antigen in their system otherwise the body will attack those red blood cells (because they have this great big flashing marker saying'hey look at me, I don't belong here!!!). likewise you can mix blod groups, apart from O (and it has to also be free from Rhesus D Antigen - O-ve - anyone can have this!!).

So..if you are rhesus negative, if you have a baby that is rhesus positive and your baby's blood comes into contact with your blood (you have to remember the baby has its own blood supply - totally separate from yours) then your blood will start attacking that blood, but also it will remember those antigens next time round. So...if you have another baby and it happens to be rhesus positive, then your body will seek it out - crossing the placental barrier and fight against your baby causing haemoliytic disease of a newborn (HDN), which can lead to stillbirth, abnormalities and severe jaundice.

What the Anti-D jab does is what it says on the zaps the Rhesus D antigen that enters your blood supply before you have a chance to attack or recognise it. Thus safer for your next pregnancy.

Once you have had your baby you will need to give a blood sample to see whether any of the baby's blood has got into your blood stream (fetal leak) and some blood will be taken from the cord to see what the baby's blood group is. This is called a Kleihaur test (direct & indirect coombes testing). If you are positive to the baby's antibodies then you are DCT positive, or if your baby is rhesus D positive then you will need a further Anti D jab after delivery.

Injections aren't very nice - but this is an important one to have to safeguard against any future pregancies. It should be inserted into the deltoid muscle (your arm), though some midwives still use old practice and insert it in the bum or the leg. She should monitor you for about 15 mins, because as with any drug you can react to it - though it is very unlikely. Anti-D is a blood product - taken from donors from plasma. Because of the way it is processed it is extreemly unlikely to get any viruses from the donor (like a blood transfusion) the odds are 1 in 10,000 billion doses (NICE, 2005).

The anti-D is not known to cause any fetal development problems, in fact it goes a long way to prevent it.

Hope this makes sense guys


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