Girls I am so exhausted!


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Apr 24, 2005
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My whole body feels ancient! It aches and I can hardly move, I have no energy at all and I am totally shattered. I've got to walk down to the docs to pick up my iron prescription but getting the energy together to do that is proving impossible. :cry:
How am I going to be able to push a baby out when I can't even muster the energy for a 5 min walk? :cry:
Awww chick....(hugs)
hopefully your iron tablets will help you feel better? Im sure you'll have so much more energy when baby's here.
take it easy how are you sleeping?
Sleeping ok, wake up most nights with leg cramp which usually eases after a couple of minutes of stretching my leg out, and needing the loo. Finding it hard to nod off even with how tired I am though.
Rosiero, I felt exactly like you do a couple of weeks ago plus my back was absolutely killing me and I never have back problems. The thought that it was just going to get worse was terrifying. Then last week I had a tummy upset and since the weekend I've felt brilliant. It just flushed all my system out and I feel more like I'm 24 weeks pregnant rather than 34. There are lots of nasty things around at the mo. It may well be you're fighting something. You never know...
Looks like you could be right Zo, this evening I've started getting cold symptoms (sore throat, runny nose) so I think it's a mix of that and the anaemia.
I went and got my tablets and have started taking them straight away. I am on 400mg a day so hopefully I am going to be bouncing off the walls within a few days (from what I can remember from when I was anaemic a few years ago, I noticed improvements within a few days of starting iron tablets).

Hiya hun, if you look back at the postings it was around your stage that I was feeling totally dreadful, exausted and my blood pressure was up and Im totally sure I had a virus. Sure it sounds like you are the same.

Although I have to say the fatique isn't as bad Im still very very tired yesterday when I had to take my daughter to the Orthodontist I can honestly say the 20 min walk felt like a 10 mile hike and took me the rest of the day to get over it !!!!!

:0) Hope you feel better today
Ragna xxx
Thanks Ragna
I've come out with a cold and my mouth is all sore, so think I am a bit rundown. Went over to my mums for tea last night (she lives in the road behind mine) and had a nice big jacket potato and salad and tonight I am supposed to be cooking a roast for them (she's trying to keep me busy whilst DH is away), so hopefully lots of fresh veggies will help. I've also been drinking a good litre of OJ a day so plenty of vit C.
Wont be doing much today apart from pottering around tidying, will try and find the energy later to hoover! Downstairs only though ;)

I am taking a multi vitamin thing that I thought you might be interested in.

Its clearblue pregnancy vitamins and I am really getting on well with them. I seem to be fighting colds better than normal and it seems to have everything in it, even calcium which you don't get in pregnacare.

Just though I would pass the info on, in case you were interested. I buy mine in sainsbury's but I have also seen them in Moss Chemist.

Hope this helps
Emma it will happen for you I really hope they can find out what's going on soon and sort the issue or you. I really need to get people's numbers so I can set up a whatsapp group as that works via Internet.


The poor dog lol

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