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Apr 2, 2005
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Hello all

Im now 27 weeks 2 days now (woohooo) and today has been warm here in Milton Keynes. However I have been BOILING !!! The last four hours Ive been so hot and even after a cool shower nothing appears to be able to get me cool, although i dont actually feel hot to the touch and yet I feel like im burning up !! :oops:

Is this just me?? Or is anyone else feeling the same ??

My Mum says it my hormones, if I didnt know better...(the 2lb bump on my stomach) I would say im having hot flushes and on the menopause !!!

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I've definitely been feeling warmer at work lately (normally I'm freezing cold with the aircon on - everyone usually laughs at me dressed for winter in the height of summer!!)

It's a bit annoying isn't it? I prefer to be cold because you can at least put on extra layers. When you're hot it's really difficult to get cool and comfortable.

I remember that so well and I'm still not back to normal yet. Although it is in the 90'sF here in Florida. :shock:
I too feel very hot althrough the day. I think it is the hormones. Last week we went to Boston to a friend's place and unfortunately their AC did not work. Ohh! It was awful! I felt i was inside the oven. :lol:
I was reading somewhere yesterday that in the third trimester your body temp is up anyway because of all the heat the baby is generating. Also my Mum did have hot flushes towards the end of her pregnancy with me because she's warned me of them in case I get them too! She said they were exactly like menopausal flushes and were connected with hormone changes which apparently also regulate your temperature (she's going through the menopause naturally at the moment and has become an expert in flushes!)

Hope this weather cools down a lot soon- I find it makes my ligament pain worse too somehow although that might be connected to how much more water I should be drinking or something I don't know...

Cor blimey how did you feel today in MK?! It was so hot I had to go to sleep I couldn't cope! Still feel cooking now.

Hope you are your daughter are progressing nicely :) x
Thank you for all your replys, its certainly made me feel better knowing that Im not alone. Also to know that its to do with the hormones etc..(thanks so much Rosebay)
OMG Tell me bout it Sam. How dreadful has it been today. I had antenatal and I was roasting in the waiting room. Im fine, blood pressure normal although there was a trace of protein but she wasnt worried. She says im the size of a 28/30 and I wont be having a 5 pound baby for sure !!! Agghhhrrrrr my others were 9lb, 8 6lb 8 6 lb, 7 4lb, and 8 4 lb.

Sadly for my daughter she has had her double test back saying that she is high risk for Downs 1 in 100 and so it worried about that although the counciller was fantastic and Nikki has already said if this is the case then so be it, she will love her baby no less. So proud of her to think like that at only 17 year old. Im sure she will be one of the 99 but such a lot of pressure to put on here at such a young age.

Hope you are keeping well & we will get to meet up !!!

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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