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Discussion in 'Feeding & Nutrition' started by annie4, Jan 21, 2008.

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    really need advise girls!!! my ds is almost 4mts - he is feeding exclusively on formula (since 2/3 weeks) for the first 8/10 weeks i could not fill him he just guzzuled it down - now for the last 3/4 weeks he will not feed????
    He fights over every single bottle and after a lot of crying/screaminbg/fussing/kicking etc he will then settle down and drink it???
    He only takes 5 (6-8oz) bottles per day and sleeps at night - well so long as i snuggle him.
    Thing is my other son is autistic and im so frightened that my baby is too - im soooo frightened i cant even say it out loud. even when i hold my baby a lot of the times he looks past me and turns away and wont make eye contact - but if he is in his chair he does and laughs and giggles. Please help me
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    we had a few nights where DS didn't want to feed properly... He was getting frustrated coz the milk wasn't coming quick enough. It turned out we needed to go up to the size 2 teats.

    Could it be the same sort of thing for your bubs?

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