Funny lines and high cervix's!


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May 30, 2005
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Hi girls,
Just a couple of questions; I have managed to get to day 27 which is quite a miracle as I don't think I've been longer than about 22 days since I came off depo. I don't feel any different at all but think I will do a test tomorrow night anyway. I have noticed a faint line that has appeared on my tum, running from my bellybutton downwards. Has anyone heard of this before. It just sort of appeared on sunday morning. It definately isn't from my clothes.

My second question is about high cervix's. I have heard this mentioned a few times on the forum but haven't come across it before. What is that all about and why does it happen. Sorry if this is a daft question but I'm quite intrigued!

Hi Sal

Your cervical opening alters in height and texture throughout the month. To begin you will obviously need to examine your cervix (at the top of the Vagina) in order to tell position and texture by inserting a clean finger. When you have your period, your cervix is low and hard. During ovulation it becomes high and soft. Immediately after ov, it returns to being low and hard. During this month, mine has remained high and medium soft (it is now nearly out of reach it is soooo high). My period is due tomorrow. Some people say that you can tell if your preggers by feeling the cervix in this state before expected period...others say that it is impossible to tell. Years ago, if women went to the docs suspecting pregnancy, they used to examine the cervix in order to have a rough maybe you can detect pregnancy this way (it is not accurate temps have also risen today, I have had a few crampy feelings in lower tum and also my nips are occasionally tingling........fingers more day to wait (my system is like clockwork..........XXXX
Hi the line you see is a definate sign of pregnancy. I had that too very early on and i was pregnant. Actually i believe it is a very definate sign. Good luck. Jacqui
Hi. I was on Depo for 10 years and been off it now since Feb 2003. I have irregular periods. I had AF 4th May, i think i had implantation bleed on 27-28th May since then i have had EWCM/creamy & i have a faint line from my bellybutton downwards, my nipples are sensitive only just and I'm starting to feel more tired now & i have lots of blue veins over my chest & boobs, but no other signs. I hope I'm pregnant as I've been trying since i came off Depo. If i was PG i will be 9 weeks tomorrow. I've done 4 HPT and 2 from GP all came back neg. Going to do one Friday lets hope it +.
Hormonal birth control can also cause this line - after 9 years on the bcp I developed this line,but am not preg :cry:

I've been off the bcp for 3 months now and it hasn't faded... weird.

It is definately a sign of pregnancy though I don't know how soon it shows up....

Good luck

I did a test last night and got a BFN but maybe it is too early or something. My boobs were a bit sensitive but that seems to have gone now so I'm not sure what's happening really. I'll wait another week I think and test again.
Thanks for your advice, I am trying to tell myself I aren't pg so that I don't get too upset when/if I get my af but I haven't gone this long without af since I came off depo so it is hard not to get excited.

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