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    Freya was born on 14/12/11, one day late at 19.46 weighing a sizeable 9lbs!

    No need to respond just want to keep a ramble!

    She's amazing. oh and I are totally smitten. Shes bf really well and has only dropped to 8lbs 6ozs which mw was very happy with. We came home on Thursday lunchtime and had some visitors around 6pm which was nice. If unexpected on home day!
    Friday waited in for mw before putting Freya ib her sling and walking to s friends house to drop off a Christmas card. Ended up staying 4 hrs! Mw came again yesterday for weighing - alk going brilliantly. Went to friends house again for a couple of hours. Milk coming in so F feeding every 1.5hrs overnight but nipples starting to toughen up. My stitches are still sore but to be expected. I weighed 94kg just before birth and was 86kg yesterday and back in my jeans so feeling really well.

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