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Jul 25, 2005
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Hi I have recently found out that I am pregnant.

I have a holiday booked in less than 3 weeks to the Maldives (been booked over a year).

I have a DVT history (having had a clot in my leg five years ago)

I had a booking in appointment on Friday and my doctor didnt know what to suggest or do, she said she would contact me yesterday and didnt so i called the midwife (she gave me her number ).

Anyway sorry to go on but my midwife has just called me she was reluctant to book me in early, said it was my choice to fly, didnt think i would get an emergancy appointment under my old consultant to get my blood check and some treatment prior to flying.

She has however booked me in next week, but I am scared that I may not get any appointment with my consultant or treatment.

I worry anyway over flying but this is a holiday of a life time and I am scared we may be told it is our decision to fly and to accept the consequences. DVT is so controversal i have hardly found anything on the net relating to pregnancy and previous DVT history.

Would this damage my chances of reaching the 12 week mark???

I have had a good cry and I cant get hold of my partner Im scared and dont know what to think. :cry: :cry:
Hi when I was about 7/8 weeks I flew to the dom rep, I dont have a history of DVT but asked doc what I should do when flying got told to wear flight socks drink plenty of water and get up and move around and do little excercises in your seat. You should speak to your doctor if you have medical probs but surely if it was that bad they wouldnt be keen for you to fly to the maldives pregnant or not.

Hope you get to go a couple of weeks rest on the beach will be the best thing for you in the early stages.

Let us know how you get on
When I was 10 weeks pregnant, I flew to Pakistan, and the journey was 8 hours. I don't have any medical history either, and my midwife was quite happy for me to fly, but just the same as Michelle, I was told to drink a lot of water, as you tend to dehydrate quicker in a plane, and to go for a walk as much as possible. I had to anyway, because \i had to go to the loo soooooooooo often :)

Just make sure if you can that you sit on the aisle side, as it's easier to get up, (don't have to disturb people every 20 minutes)

Enjoy your holiday,...I am very jealous, I have always wanted to go to Maldives, but never got the money! :(

Take care,

Mel xx
Hiya Sarah,

You lucky thing going to the Maldives, I went on my honeymoon there last year and really want to go back again.

Regarding flying and being pregnant you really don't have anything to worry about, i'm an air hostess and even though i grounded myself as soon as i found out i was expecting, it was more due to the fact i can't stand the job anymore!! than it being unsafe, however as in our jobs we would be up and down in the air like a yoyo the pressurisation may have an effect on the little bean so opted for the safest option (being on the ground)
Regarding the DVT, like the others have said take plenty of water with you to drink (if you are flying charter you'll have to pay for bottles of water which aren't cheap) wear flight socks and ensure you move around alot. Also it's a good idea to tell the airline prior to travelling that you are pregnant, that will then be written on the cabin crew's brief so they will be aware.
Also try checking in as early as you can and request extra leg room on medical grounds, you could always phone the airline and ask them to put a note on your booking that you want extra legroom due to the DVT (see if you can get a doctors note to prove it, may help!) but as it's not long until you travel the seats will probably have all gone, but it's worth asking and makes such a difference.

Would also like to point out to everyone that DVT is not just related to flying, it's caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time i.e in the car or on a train, so precautions should be used whenever a long journey is involved ( sorry, had to say that- have been shouted at about that by passengers alot in the past. - because it's all my fault I suppose!!!! lol)

Anyway, now that i've bored you rigid just want to say have a fantastic time, you can't not in a place like that and i want to hear all about it when you get back. Hope this helps. :D
Hi every one,

Thanks for your responses, I was pretty down yesterday and i think my pregnancy hormones took over with worry :roll:

I have to agree with Nikki DVT is not just down to flying I couldnt determine how mine developed as I had flown in the last week, was on a pill which has now been struck off and smoked 20 or more a day.

the last two latter I have not done since the DVT.

I am getting the socks and buying a couple of large bottles of water to take on the plane with me, my only concern was I couldnt take the Asprin which I usually take.

I feel a lot more positive today and am too looking forward to my holiday. it works out that I will be off work for nearly 3 weeks :lol:

I have my appointment with my Midwife next week and will see what she says.

Cant wait to sit on the beach I havent had anytime off this year so looking forward to the break.

Just an update for those interested.

I have finally heard from my GP she spoke to a gynacologist who has advised that I administer Fragmin prior to flying, my doctor is now waiting for this in writing before she starts me on the treatment.

I did mention the midwife thought it was to early to see me but my GP said that because of my DVt history I need to be seen early than I would under normal circumstance.

I feel much more relaxed now, I knew I would have to inject fragmin or heperin but getting someone to agree to it is much harder especially as you are the only one that knows your history. and this is a new practice as I am new to the area.

Thanks for listening as they say from a very much more relaxed Sarah :lol:
I flew to greece when i was 12 weeks and again at 29 weeks, and my feet did swell quite bad the second time!! Looked a bit like elephant feet!! but other than that all ok. Make sure you walk around a lot and use the flying socks they recomend! You are so lucky, have a great time in the maldives :D

Natalie x
Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replys.

I heard from my GP yesterday and she has left a presription for some socks and two fragmin injections. I have to inject once before leaving for the airport and again when I leave to return home.

My Midwife has put a request in to see the consultant on my return from the holiday to get checked for the rest of my pregnancy.

I am feeling much carmer now and cannot wait for my holiday.

One quick question if I get a deli belly can I take anything like diaralite etc??

One week to go before I will be in sunny paridise :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sarah x
Hi Sarah,

Just been reading your posts.

I have just returned from a 2 week trip in Cuba which I was very nervous about going on.

I don't have any history of DVT but I am overweight and knew this potentially could cause me problems!

However, I am now back safely on UK soil and was fine for the whole trip. The flying wasn't too bad and I just made sure I drank plenty water and moved around a lot, the only other thing I would recommend is, take some snacks with you on the flight also and for when you arrive.

I did feel a little sicky in between meals on the plane as going the meals were almost 7 hours apart and I didn't have anything on me.

Other than that the relaxation will do you the world of good, I was tired after the travelling but was fine after the first few days and loved lying about doing nothing!!

Hope you have a fab time and wish it was me....again, the tan is fading rapidly already!!

Take Care

Leigh xx
Thanks leigh

Only 4 days to go :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

and I cannot wait i was thinking about that I am eating little but often so I am going to take something to eat with me on the plan as I get really ratty if I am hungrey :evil: :oops:



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