First Yule with the husband!

Discussion in 'Santa's Workshop' started by MrsDraven, Dec 25, 2011.

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    Jul 3, 2011
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    So much better than the others. Very quiet though, I'm used to kids running around it's so quiet. Although my niece did call me to tell me Santa came through the wall to leave her presents. Oh yes, modern day Santa walks through walls. :lol:

    Sat and had dinner with nana, grandaddy and mama in law. First time I've seen nana pray before a meal but I guess it's cause it's Christmas. I'm not one much for that because we both come from different religions [she's Catholic, my husband and myself are Pagan] but of course I joined and listened it's Christmas.
    That kinda made it ever more awesome though, both completely seperate faiths but we still sit in the same room as each other and respect each other. Any other times at Christmas I've had it results in arguements cause my family can't bare to accept other faiths cause they're idiots. Made a nice change.
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