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Jan 27, 2005
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Hey everyone, I was just wondering what made you think you were pregnant and take a test? Was it a missed period, or did you have any signs before u even missed a period. did u feel pregnant? Or didnt you think you wer pregnant and surprised to find uot you were?
Missed period... 18dpo... since i tested.. i can sit back and look over the week before testing.. and think.. DUH! lol! :p
Hadn't had my period for about a month so that gave it away haha. Also I was a smoker and everytime I had one it made me throw up so I think I knew then.
What made me take the test... is a little embarrassing... I went to buy some drink for a new years eve party and purchased a bottle of vodka and two bottles of wine (not all for me!!!) Then when I drove away from there something told me to buy a pregnancy test, I'd been sort of wanting to do one for about 4 days but didn't want to get yet another negative. But thought I'd better check before drinking & smoking myself to oblivion on new Years eve and hey! Two blue lines! (Bought another two tests after that just to be sure lol) :D
Well my chest was so sore anyting i would bump it i would almost cry. But with my doctor telling me i couldnt have anymore i thought naw. Well I was 3 days late and thought well maybe i should take a test and there was the 2 lines and here i am now. Congrats to all the mommies to be.
my first signs were my breasts being really sore. i was also not feeling well when i felt certin things. i kinda knew before the HPT but i did one to be sure.
I felt sick for about a week before & I was sick of going to the doctors when they kept saying it was in my head, so one night on a hunch i bought 2 home pregnancy tests and they both came up positive, i went to the doctors and they confirmed it.
I wasn't feeling well for a couple of weeks. I had missed my period, but that was not out the ordinary as I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I started to gain wait and I seriously thought it was my PCOS acting up again. I was prepared to go talk to my GYN and get the horomone therapy to kick start my cycle again, but she told, me to do a pregnancy test before I made an appointment, as so I did. I work in a clinic so I just asked the lab to give me an "off the record" urine stick and it came up pos. but that still didn't get me convinced, I've had false positive's before, so I had a blood test and wham, the results showed 3 months pregnant.

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