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Jul 16, 2005
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Had first scan today confirmed my preganancy is really happenin. Had to have internal scan, it didn't hurt a bit. Saw little tadpole & heart was beating strong. So happy I cried. I can believe it's happening now. I'm 6 weeks & 6 days & my due date is 14th June 2006. Gonna try & take each day at a time. I have my first visit 21/11 & another scan at 12 weeks on 30/11. They're keepn an eye on me.
Lorrie :) xx
awwww thats great news lorrie hun and welcome at last to the june forum
:D great to have you here hun glad all went ok hope your feeling ok xxxxxxxx
Hello Lorrie

I am so pleased for you!! I can't wait to have my scan and to know that everything is alright with my bean too. I had my appointment with the midwife today, so the next step will be to have the scan - just got to wait for the appointment to come through the letterbox.
Thanks Rachel & Lindsay glad I get to stay in June club it has been a great support. Cheers girls :lol:
Cant wait till you both have yours, wont be long now.
Howyou both feelin? I have all day nausea but it comes & goes sometimes bad sometimes not. Tiredness is unreal though.
Talk to you both soon. Lorrie xxx
hya girls lol just asked in another thread if anyone had heard off you lindsay hun how did appointment go all ok i hope xxxxx

am having a good day today not much nausea just tired
hope your well lindsay and hope your feeling better soon lorrie not many more weeks and we all should be feeling a lot better xxxxx
Hi Rach

Our computer got a freaded virus so have been out of action!!!

The appointment was fine - filled all the paperwork out, midwife took my bloods and a urine sample, she felt my tummy because of the query with when I conceived, she thinks that I am 6 weeks ish, but couldn't say for sure so is going to try and get me a scan soonish!!! It's all so exciting.

I have got my tummy button pierced and asked midwife when she thought that I should remove it, she suggested that I buy one of the plastic ones which are advertised on this site - not sure what to do or when to change it if I am going too, any advice?!!!

Right, off to cook our tea now, am so hungry today, my bean must be taking too much from me - unless I am just greedy!!!!!

Am going to snuggle up tonight with my orange jelly (got an obsession with everything orange flavoured!!) and watch the TV awards, even though I know who has won everything.

How did your appointment go today hun, was thinking about you while I was at work.

Take care

:) :) :) :)
Hi girlies,
Hi Rachel you been busy last few days, imagine you doin birth plan already!! :lol:
Glad you feelin well Lindsay & your appointment went ok. Hope you njoyed your food :wink:
I'm not feelin sick today, not feelin over tired either.
Verry worried today in case something wrong :(
Am I bein silly do symptoms come & go?

Hi Lorrie

I totally understand, I had a day at the beginning of the week without any symptoms and said to my mum "I don't think I am pg anymore" she just laughed and told me that I was being silly, my dad says that I am not happy if I am not worrying - which is kinda true!!!! that and wishing my life away - I am always looking forward to something - next thing is my scan - then Christmas!!!!

It is such a worrying time for us, I am sure we will be much happier once we have got over the first 12 weeks. I hope you are feeling yucky today to put your mind at rest, gosh that sounds awful of me, but you know what I mean :)

Have a good day, catch you later

Hi Lyndesy,

On reading your post I just wanted to answer you re bleey button bar question.

I have mine pierced and at 13 weeks I am already getting a bump I have just ordered a retainer bar and would recomend changing it when you notice that there isnt as much leaway as before mine is definitly due to be changed as the ball is starting to push into my skin :lol: which is nice.

Hope all goes well in your pregnancy

Hi Sarah

Thankyou for your advice, think I will order myself a retainer bar too. Didn't want to have to let the hole close up - prob be too chicken to get it done again!!

Just noticed that you partner is 3 years younger than you - I am 28 and my DH is 25 so snap!! Toyboys are great aren't they?!! :)

Thanks again

hi girls
lorrie try not to worry hun ive had odd days where ifeel absolutely great and then everything comes back with a vengence lol i know how you feel though when you feel tired and sick you feel more pg when you feel ok its hard to believe you can still be pg :?

lindsay ive got a belly bar too ive been told i have to take it out for my scan but nobody has actually told me not to wear it im going to order one off the site on here ready for when mine maybe gets too tight they are really reasonable too the only one i could get in the town where i live is 12 pound and they are just clear plastic and basic yuk so going on that site to order one now :D

hope your all well im actually having a good day no more appointments till next thursday for scan and midwife dont want to see me till im 21/22 weeks so all good :D xxxxxxxxx
Hi Rach

well which bar did you go for, I can't make my mind up over 2, I like the pink flower one and the blue swirls one - choices cholices, oh and I don't know which size to get, the one I am wearning is a 12, can you help????

I had an awful night last night, felt terrible and was actually sick (first time have been sick) but feel ok this morning so phewy!!! I am off to get my hair done this morning, I love getting my hair done. DH is taking me out for a meal tonight so it won't be a waste of a hairdo either!!!

It's my grandmas birthday today so I will call in on my home from town with her card and pressie. Really find it hnard to buy for grandparents, I bought her Love Actually on DVD in the end (it was on offer!!!) and thought that she could watch it now that the nights are getting darker, she's on her own so at least it will occupy her and if it doesn't I will have it back cos it's a brill film!!!!!

Have a good weekend, hope you are feeling ok.

hi lindsay the one im wearing at the moment is 8mm so i ordered a 10mm in the glitter one in purple and i also got a 12mm in the black and orange flame one :D did look at the sizing guide on there cant remember if it said buy 4 sizes bigger then the one you wear now or 4mm bigger lol but they dont take long to come apparently so if the 12mm starts looking like its getting too tight will just order another one

hope you all have a good weekend my nausea dont seem so bad last couple days so am hoping might be coming to the end but have had a bit of indegestion not quite as tired as i have been either so fingers crossed my symptoms might be on way out lol xxxxxx
Hi there how you all doing?
I had about three days of no symptoms so I ended up at outpatients at local maternity hosp Fri morning in a panic. They scanned me again & eventually saw heartbeat so all ok.
neednt have worried because I had an awful day to make up for it yesterdday. Thought Iwas goin to get sick before I went to bed last nite but it passed & I slept through it. Much better today not great with food though dont know what to be eatn.
Is it this Thurs coming you have scan Rachel?
How r u Lindsay?
I dont have a belly button piercing, bit squeamish - labour should be fun :lol:
Lorrie xxx
Hi Lorrie

I seem to be having the weekend of hell with symptoms. Friday I was actually sick, yesterday and today feel rubbish, but its all part and parcel eh?

I am struggling to sleep, am waking up in the early hours and lying awake, which is possibly making me feel worse during the day. Any advice as to how I can stay asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am pleased that all is well with you, its such a worrying time at the moment for us all.

hi girls sorry youve all been having such a shit wkend :( mine not been too bad symptoms have eased a little only to be replaced by sore throat streaming eyes and nose :evil: i give up lol one day am going to come on here and say :shock: WOW I FEEL GOOD TODAY
glad all ok for you at hospital lorrie must have been a terrible worry for you :(
lindsay keep your chin up hun you will get through this i know sometimes it can be really hard when your not sleeping i have spent many nights crying on sofa through lack of sleep and pain and worry and just feeling rotten just stay positive and remember what you will have to show for it all in the end
big hugs to you both xxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks Rach

I said to DH today that I can't remember the last time I felt normal - I am sorry to be a moaner, I really wouldn't change being PG and feeling rotten, I can't wait to get to the end and hold my little baby in my arms it will all be worth it then.

Have a great rest of the night, before another week at work :(

Thanks again for being really supportive

awww i know how you feel lindsay hun i feel like since ive found out im pg all ive done is moaned lol but we wouldnt change it for the world xxxxx
Hi there

Feeling lots better today, not felt sick at all just tired, oh and some spots have now appeared, thankfully they are on my forehead under my hair so can't be seen!!!!!

I went to my mum's for my tea tonight, so haven't been bombarded by haloweeners, poor mum and dad were though!!! The little ones are really cute but the older ones are greedy, hands in and grab as many sweets as they can, bless them eh?

Hope everyone's Monday went ok, well ladies another one over and a little step nearer to the weekend
:D :D

Sending lots of hugs to you Xxx
glad your a little better lindsay hun as for the spots get the sudocreme out its brilliant for spots its helped with mine as ive been erupting since pregnant hope you stay well :D xxxxx

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