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Mar 19, 2005
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Did a test this afternoon, came back BFN.

I really do feel different this month, had sicky feeling, weird cramps for a week, bad ache etc. but due on 2moro so will just have to wait and have it confirmed by HER turning up 2moro.


oh well, not gonna actively try next month and just enjoy christmas and drinking through to the new year! lol
hi huni, i know how u feel, I have 1day til testing, and my tests have all been bfn's.:( its disheartening but lets keep hopeful, like i always say, its not over til the lady in red knocks on the door.
Hi guys

Fingers crossed for both of you. Any news today?

I can't recommend charting temps enough. Although it's just as devastating when AF appears you know exactly what is going on. Your temps drop just before AF appears so you know to expect her (evil cow).

Hope you have good news for us.


just to let you all know that i am yet to see AF today and i am always 29 days, but not getting my hopes up to much. But i'm secretly hoping that my test was a false negative!

Hows you mel?
good luck hun hope the evil af stays away for you xxxxxx
lady in red is dancing with me.. lets just say that much lol! gawd i hate her, there always next month :) GOODLUCK BLACK FAIRY KITTEN! :D
aww bitch was really hoping she'd stay away for you. Well she still hasn't shown herself but did another test this morning and it was negative just have to wait and hope she doesn't come although i'm normally never late but i'm expecting her any minute!

Thanks for the good luck :D
Hey Mel, Sorry the old witch turned up. Good luck for next month

Blackfairykitten, fingers crossed for you hun, hope she doesn't turn up.

Good luck and loads of baby dust to all of you trying.

Nicki.xx :D

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