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Aug 7, 2005
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been to gp today and been signed off on the sick for the last 3 weeks of work before my maternity starts so am finally all done with work :D
Yippeeeeeeeee. Such a nice feeling, mind you its a shame the docs had to sign you off, hope your BP lowers by Wednesday.

I am so bored at work that I am in a kinda stupid way really jealous of you!!! :shock:

I know you have been signed off as you are not well, but it must be a great feeling knowing you've not got to go to work any more! :lol:
it was a little sad to think of not going to work at first and i cried for nearly an hour when i come out of doctors but after thinking about it for a while im really happy maybe now i wont be quite so tired and irritable and my poor son will get a break instead of me being on his back all the time he came home from school about 30 mins ago and i told him id finished work and he was over the moon that im going to be here every day for him now after school instead of him having to go to my mums/sisters/nans until i finish work :D bless him he was so happy i felt guilty for being in work all the time and cried again maybe now i got more time to spend on him his behaviour might improve too (i doubt it lol but heres hoping)
I'm with you on that one Rach. It is really difficult being a working mum and trying to juggle everything.

My daughter was over the moon when I told her I would be going on maternity leave at the end of July. That means that she only has to go to her Dads for the first 2 weeks of the summer hols, and then has the rest of the time with me.

I am also hoping that this will mean her behaviour improves!! :shock:
aww thats good tankett it must be awful for you when shes at her dads all summer you must miss her terribly :( xxxxxx
Yes. I must admit that the first week or so are really nice, peaceful and relaxing. But then I start to really miss her. It's not so bad now she's older, but when she was 5 and went for 9 weeks it was awful. He lives in Telford and I'm in Leicester, so although it's not that far, it's still far enough not to be able to just pop and see her on the way home from work.

I'm really looking forward to this summer! :lol:

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