Finding mothers who giving birth from 9~12/2015

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    Hi, all expectant mothers,

    First, congratulations and best wish on your coming newborn baby! :wave:I am a current postgraduate student who studying psychoanalytic developmental psychology in University College London. I need your help. Please help me! Thank you.

    University College London /
    The Anna Freud Centre
    MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology

    Would you be prepared to allow a postgraduate student to observe your baby for just one hour a week, in your own home, during the early months of your baby’s life?
    This would provide invaluable experience for a student to learn more about child development, and acquaint them first hand with the growth and changes that occur in a baby’s early development.
    If you think you might be interested,
    please contact:
    Claire Prescott, MSc Course Administrator,
    on 0207 443 2266.
    And mention my name: Denise Chin

    Thank You!^^

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