Finally told my boss!!!!!


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May 2, 2005
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Well after finding out 6 weeks ago that i am pregnant, i finally told my boss on friday (17 june)
Well he reacted totally different to how i imagined, he was over the moon :D
I am the youngest in the place by about 10 years so he said it was good to have some youthful news!! rather than hip operations etc! he he he!

He told me that if i needed time off for any problems or rest then he would honour it!! i'm so glad he was so supportive :D

Any way thats my biggest worry over, now its just to tell family after my first scan.

Thanks for reading
Congratulations I'm so glad he reated this way!! It's good to know there are supportive bosses out there who don't mind having pregnant staff!! :D
Thanks Sami and Bump,

i was a little worried as i have only been there 7 months and past experiences lead me to find out he isn't the most understanding person to work for

but like i said he shocked me big time.
he kept telling me everything would be ok and to keep smiling no matter how fed up i felt!!!!

He reacted better than my partner!!
only joking
That's fab news, I envy you after the way my boss reacted.

He's now hassling me for a maternity plan and my MATB1, neither of which I can give to him until I am into my 20 weeks plus. :evil:
as a supposed employer he should know that, has he not at with Human resources and discussed what the next steps are, they would know!!

it makes you so mad doesn't it that you cant move on with your life in fear of what others will say! :x
Glad your boss way please for you, it makes you feel more relaxed at work! both my bosses have ad babies in the last year, I they knew I wanted one (Only cos theres was so cute) they were very please, (one said ohhh big suprise!) But I can tell they are worried about when I leave, because I leaving for good and we have a good working relationship! so it is sad too!
i know what you mean, its hard when yu have a good working relationship because you miss people, plus its the only sanity you get talking to adults.

:D :D :D
I am not sure, i will have to see. i already have one so i would have to find care for 2 of them and with me only working part time that money i earn would go on nurseries so i wouldn't be better off in the long run.

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