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    Romilly is 3 weeks old tomorrow, she's had issues with food from around 3/4 days old. Her feeds are random, sometimes wanting food after an hour or going upto 4 hours between feeds. The amounts also fluctuate anything between 50 - 120ml. She was a big baby, 10lb 1 oz at birth, but hasn't yet regained the weight she lost, MW keeps saying she wasn't worried but I am!!

    She was on SMA at first which seemed fine then she started getting colicky and bringing the milk back up, MW suggested ready made formula and again that seemed to go fine for 4/5 days then the colick and sickyness started again so MW suggested back to powder but differnet brand so were on Cow & Gate.

    Have also been giving her Infacol too.

    Now yesterday/last night she's upset and crying wanting a bottle/not wanting a bottle every hour or so.

    Nappies are fine, stools seem the right consistancy.

    So any ideas/help/advice from you ladies pleeeeease!!!

    (ps I have rung and left a message for MW to phone but they take ages to return calls)
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    Have you tried one of the formulas that are for colic? I know aptamil has one. Not sure if that'll help but worth a try :hug:


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