Fenugreek should be the last resort!!!!! PLEASE READ !

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    I have noticed lots of you have been taking Fenugreek or are thinking about using it.

    Any sort of galactagogues should be a last resort and can cause problems for mothers, it should not be used flipintly without knowing the facts first.

    Galactagogues, herbal or prescribed, are not cure-alls. They should not be used as the first step to correcting problems with insufficient milk supply. The truth is that most mothers do not need Galactagogues to increase milk production. Other natural methods should be tried and discarded before moving onto taking any type of Galactagogue. These other methods include correcting latch-on, positioning, and sucking problems, increasing the frequency of breastfeeding or pumping, using switch nursing, using breast compression, and expressing milk after breastfeeding.

    Some women who take them are absolutly fine and there supply matches the needs of their child and all is ok, BUT there have been some cases where women have taken them and they then have an over supply of milk, then causing them to have leaking problems, mastitis, blocked ducts and other problems associated with oversupply.

    Please take other roots first to get you milk supply up without using the easier option as it may cause you problems.

    There are other ways like chanhing your diet, drinking more water etc to get the the supply right without having do use any herbal milk boosters.

    Here is some info taken from a Breastfeeding Support forum on low milk supply and milk boosters.


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