Felt my bubba move last night!!!!


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Aug 11, 2005
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DH was on call, so i was forcing myself to try and stay awake until he got home, as he had gone straight out on a job after normal hours. Anyway, I'm laying on the sofa flat out watching tv, with my hands crossed across my tummy. I was just nodding off when I felt the distinct fluttering in my tummy of the baby moving!!!!!!

The first movement was so strong that it actually woke me up, wide awake!! It was as it the LO was prodding me to stay awake for DH!! Well, I had distinct movement and fluttering for the next 10 minutes or so!!! It was amazing to feel this so early, but this being my second, I know exactly what it feels like. :D :D
Wow Tankett!! How wonderful!!! :) :) :)

You really do have a live wire of a bean in there.. making sure he/she makes an early impression!!!

I cannot wait to feel something although not really sure what to expect!

That's lovely news Tankett, it is such a great feeling isn't it? :D

When do you have your scan, am looking forward to finding out what you are having!!!

I've not got my next scan until the 20th April, so 5 weeks to wait!

The odds are definitely favouring a boy though.... There are 4 babies either due or recently born in the department I work in. One was a girl born 3 weeks ago, one is a girl due Saturday, and another is a girl born this morning (MrsG)!! So odds on, it's a boy!!! :lol:
awww nice one tankett hun i felt mine move around this time too its great isnt it :D xxxxxx
Its the best feeling ever!

The girls at work kepted trying to wake him up so they could feel him moving!!

I could not walk though the shop without one of them touching me!!
Wow thats great so early I hope I am the same and in a weeks time posting the same thing. Lucky u. x
Awe thats brilliant, I didn't realise that you could feel the baby moving so early. Hopefully, with this being my 4th pregnancy I will feel it soon too.

it feels brilliant doesn't it... have you noticed any more movements? Really brings it home that your having a baby.... i eel mine i've eaten or when i'm relaxing... made up for you....
:D ...CONGRATS HUN!!!!... :D

REALLY REALLY pleased for you :) I bet your made up!! ... it's lovely isn't it!!

You really have got an active little bean haven't u!! Reckon you got the next generations footie player there LOL!!!

Love Imi+Bean

Thats so exciting, i still rememebr when Kiara first kicked me now shes doing it on the outside lol.
Well enjoy all the kicks and wiggles i miss it.
That's great news Tankett, looking forward to that moment myself - must be so reassuring
Thats definatley one thing I miss - feeling the kicks! For some reason Heidi used to kick me loads if I suddently took a deep breath!!??

L x

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