feeling so low. thank you hrmc for topping it off :(

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    back in work, and its hard, its not like before as im a mum and people look at me diferently, sometimes im thinking i want my old life back, being single, able to afford things, and having my own life. now i have a baby and a partner after less than two years . my own fault yes but i cant help such feelings. now im back in work i contacted h+m and they have notified me more or less than ill be entitled to a sweet some of NOTHING to help with childcare. i work full time my partner does. i have a good wage whereas his is standard. how on earth do they expect us to afford £500 month on childcare and a house etc. apparently combined we earn 44000 but this is before taxt is taken off? can anyone offer any advice. ive looked into childcare vouchers but their little help in the type of job/ times i work. thank you for reading x
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    Where do you live? £500 for a full time Childcare place - wow, that's cheap!!!! It's like £1700 where I am!

    I'm Not sure though, it's a real tough one because it's often people on a middle sort of Income that are hit hardest - people on low income And benefits seem to be taken care of.

    Often, employers do child care voucher schemes where some of your pay can be taken off before tax and converted into childcare vouchers. You then end up getting a little More for your pay, if that makes sense. Def ask about it.

    Oh, and everything is done as a "before tax" figure. That's why I'd you say your salary is £25000, it means before not after tax.

    Hope this helps xx

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