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Mar 28, 2005
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Hi girls

Sorry I havent been on the forum for a couple of days but I'm feeling very sad and down :cry:

I had to have my beloved dog Travis put to sleep on saturday and I am absolutely gutted. He was old so I knew it would happen in months rather than years but because I am pregnant I am trying to hold in all my tears because I don't want to be stressed and harm my baby.

Its really hard to come on the forum because I only posted a pic of him in pet pics a couple of weeks ago and now I'll never see him again.

Sorry to be sad and depressing but I wanted to let you all know.

Oh Lou that is really sad :(

If you are anything like me then your dogs are your babies (I've got 2 yorkies). I know that I will be devastated when their time comes.

Having a good cry wont harm your baby! So sit down with a nice cuppa and a pile of tissues and have a good blub, you'll feel a lot less stressed if you let it all out.

Massive massive *hugs* to you.
Awww Lou I'm so csorry. Have a good cry hunnie baby will be fine. it might help? Bless you

Thankyou so much Rosieroo and Sami. I really appreciate your kind words and I am feeling better this evening. I had a good cry today and a good chat with my sister and my mum. Travis was like my baby, I adored him, but I know I will feel better and it just takes time.

I have so much to look forward too aswell. Not long to go now!....I am 6 months pregnant this coming saturday!!!

Getting closer to the big day is scary!

Hope you are well and thanks again for your posts :)

Lou x
Lou, my heart goes out to you. Last year I had to have my dog sammy put to sleep as her heart started to fail. I had had her since she was a pup and she was 13 when she died. I miss her so much still and I still get teary thinking about her. I have another oldie, Sam (don't ask about the similar names!!!) who we think is between 12 and 14. He is slowing down now and is looking real old. I know that one day in the near future i'm going to have to make that decision again and it scares me. I have said no more but I know that I'll always have pets, its just so hard when they go. I'm like you rosieroo, my pets are my family and I love them to bits. Am sending you a big hug Lou, xxxxx
Thankyou beanie *gives big hug back*

It is really tough watching pets grow old and knowing they won't be around for ever but how can we not own pets when there are so many that need good homes?! We have a cat Phoebe and she is only young and we have agreed no more dogs. You just don't get as attached to cats as they are so independent. Love my phebes to bits though :)

Feeling alot better today so thanks again xxxx


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