feeling really tired and irritable


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Jul 1, 2005
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hey girlies just wondered if any of you get irritable even by just sitting. i am so irritable even now at the comp i seem to just feel contantly adjitated is this normal.
Sounds normal to me! That can happen, but it's not constant with me. Agitation can creep up on me if I do too much thinking about all the stuff I could be doing but haven't the time or energy!

But yeah, I've had a few days like the one you are describing. And I am told that I have "textbook" blood pressure!

I feel like that too. Found that writing a list of everything (decorating wise) that needs doing in the house with deadlines has made me feel so much better!! 8) feel like my head is clearer and i feel a bit less agitated.
I definitley get agitated alot of the time too, and it is usually because I have so much to do , I too found that writing lists really does help!
Do what I do ladies......that is eat an entire bag of haribo in 10 mins.....lol
well i realise i just needed fresh air i have been off since my threatened miss carriage and i really miss socialising so im going back to work on monday so sick of sittin about i know other ppl wud be glad of the rest but i need ppl round me or i crack up mad i know but it keeps me going lol, plus i work in a call centre and al i do is talk to ppl on the phones they are al old ppl and i adore most of them so im going to go back lol, so if i gurn about work permission to kick my ass lol,

oh and i got really long hair extensions in on friday my oh treated my and they really have givin me such a boost confidence wise i love them, i havent had long hair since i was 11 so its amazing and ive been getting complements all week lol,

so i hope everyone is well and i havent babbled too much lol

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