Feeling frustrated!


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Apr 24, 2005
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Feeling hormonal and frustrated today!

DH made me feel like a sex mad freak for wanting to 'naturally' bring on labour. He was wincing away from me in bed this morning and then finally agreed to do it so off we went, I moved to get into a more comfortable position and he thought that I was in agonising pain or something and ends up being so nervous he pulls out and the whole reason for us doing it this morning ends up not where it's supposed to be!

Then because I was annoyed I told him he better hurry up and get ready for work seeing as they are a person down today due to holiday (which is why he didn't book today off when I asked him weeks ago) and he admits they aren't and he found this out on Monday. So I'm doubly peed off now! Bloody lying B*****D!
Sounds just like my DH! Don't worry hun they can't help being b****rds at least some of the time! :lol:
and the whole reason for us doing it this morning ends up not where it's supposed to be!
LMAO!!! i suppose that's extra cleaning up required as well then... another reason to be frustrated i suppose! :lol:

maybe he'll aim better next time!
LOL I didn't get this at first but the penny just dropped, oh dear Rosieroo what a waste!!
Rosieroo, where do you get the energy from?!!!

You have no chance of me wanting it, i have no energy what so ever and bed for me is to sleep in and nothing more!!

:D :D
Well before I attempted to raise the troops this morning I had what I assume was more of a show when I went to the loo, so am convinced something is going to happen (and I don't want it happening Xmas Day!).

So I'm desperate for something to happen today/tomorrow.

I am knackered though, just starting snoozing in the bath so off for a kip on the sofa.
Took me a minute for the penny to drop too - Petchy's post was a clue...

I'd love to play with my OH more, but don't have the energy for it. Hoping that teh xmas break will allow me to catch up on sleep and us to catch up on some other stuff ;o)

Rosieroo - good luck for a pre-xmas baby!
I still dont know how we managed to conceive another??? Im at a loss.
Make him suffer when he comes home. A bit of crying and a 'you dont love me' should do the trick.


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